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[10 Feb 2020]

  1.      They’re Arrogant  When did all American women’s default attitude become “full-blown bitch”? While attempting to rebrand themselves as “strong, independent women,” they became unapproachable, rude, arrogant, spoiled brats. They think they’re entitled to a particular lifestyle for merely existing. AND their self-inflated ego—most of these women believe themselves, models when they’re barely a six. I don’t understand the attraction to defiance? It’s not sexy; it’s repugnant and emasculating.  There is no common courtesy anymore in engaging with them, so I prefer to avoid doing so at all costs. 2.      They Don’t Know How to Make Anything Edible—And They’re Proud of it The modern American woman does NOT know how to cook. They make f*ckin’ T-shirts about it; that’s how proud they are of their entitled incompetence.  Modern women can’t cook but love to eat! They have full Instagram’s and blogs dedicated to “Being a Foodie.” A Foodie? First, wouldn’t someone who identifies with adoring food so much it's in the nickname, know how to cook? Secondly, what the f*ck is a “Foodie,” a human? Because they do know we all need food to survive, and thus we all eat food.  3.      They Hate Men, Especially American Men Thanks to third-wave feminism movement in the 1990s and the subsequent change in modern media American women don’t merely want independence from men; they’ve created a society that openly hates us. “Cancel culture” has effectively canceled men. I’ve seen the T-shirts “Men are Shit,” “Women Don’t Owe You Shit,” I saw one chick wearing a sweatshirt that said, “Shut Up I Wear Heels Bigger Than Your D*ck”? Well, a couple of things on that…One, we’ll see dear, two—if you do, is it while you’re dancing on a pole or after?  Women without even speaking to anyone are not only wearing cheap clothing—but they’re publicly insulting all of us without yet engaging whatsoever.  Imagine the outrage if the roles were reversed—we would be considered a threat our shirt made them feel “unsafe” or “violated.” Ridiculous. 4.      They’re Overweight The average weight of The American Woman is 170 pounds. American women on average are overweight, and they’re not wearing yoga pants on their way to workout. I saw an advert yesterday that said, “Lounging Leggings” Lounging on the couch with adjustable waist pants? Forget getting all dressed up for men. They don’t even want to get out of their sweatpants. What is the average weight of Russian women? 132lbs and on average, they are three inches taller than American women (and still weigh less), Yet the average breast cup size is the same in both countries, DD.  I honestly worry about the decline and devolvement of American women as a whole. 5.      They Have Terrible Taste While mentioning American women’s obsession with leggings, figured we might as well highlight this. Since when were pajamas considered proper public attire? If you’re in America right now you wouldn't have to go further than your local supermarket to find a woman in pajamas, sweatpants, and slippers. While they used to take pride in their appearance, it's now considered a mere inconvenience to get dressed at all, let alone put on a dress and heels.  Although they somehow have become master con-artists when it comes to makeup. Have you seen some of these before and after’s? If your FaceID on your phone doesn’t recognize you after makeup (or vice-versa), you should be required to put that in your dating profile!   6.      They Aren’t That Bright I don’t mean they don’t shine because with this highlighting makeup trend you can see some of these clowns from miles away. What I mean is American women aren’t the sharpest tack in the box.  It is near impossible to an intelligent conversation with them at all, let alone get to know them beyond a superficial level. Beyond the “I  just can’t” “that’s so stupid” “like—ugh”  and whatever idiosyncrasies they’re populating these days, “you jelly”? And the dreaded truncated texting, all smartphones have full keyboards these days; American women also have the highest rate of mental illness. The girls are in fact “cray-cray” I cringe writing that, but I cringe far more at the extreme disdain I have over the intellectual and psychological decline of the American woman.   7.      They’re Materialistic and Fake There is so much emphasis on what you can buy them—designer purse, big house, luxury vehicle, vacation home—there is no more loyalty. Their loyalty is bought and paid for by whomever suitor offered them what they requested this month.  They create demands without providing much else on the table but lipstick on a pig. American women can often feel interchangeable. Dramatic, Spoiled and Fake. Between fillers, botox and whatever the f*ck contouring is—who knows what they really look like anyway. If looks are all they are offering these days and they can’t even provide it genetically. It’s all smoke and mirrors—because the truth is American women are lazy AF.   8.      American Women Wanted to Break the Glass Ceiling, but They’re Only Good at Watching it While Lying on Their Backs. Face it American Women are lazy, combative, and an overall nuisance to have in the office. Not only do they seem to gloat about low productivity, but they find time to b*tch about EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. Maybe if you put the same amount of effort you do gossiping you’d actually get shit done.  They’re always going on about how great they are at multi-tasking yet they never seem to complete anything on time. FYI Multi-tasking isn’t a thing. They never work well on team projects---can’t seem to get along with other female co-workers either and frequently deny issues or refuse to take responsibility for them and instead blame subordinates.  Beyond their lack of productivity and accountability, there is this fourth wave feminism shit with the “Me Too” Movement, which quite honestly has just scared us men into a place of fearing we can’t even fire ineffective workers—or create a sense of comradery in the office by hosting events anymore, let alone ask a female coworker out for a drink.

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[21 Nov 2018]

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[18 Jul 2016]

Russian women are influenced by strong cultural values such as the importance of beauty and physical fitness, which is an advantage for men who are searching for beautiful mail order brides. A key element for a successful relationship is the similarity of the personal values of the two individuals. The emphasis on physical fitness can be used as a basis for beginning a relationship. A dedicated woman who likes to exercise can share quality time with a man who enjoys jogging, lifting weights and riding bicycles. Most women who focus on physical fitness have a natural aptitude for self-improvement. They prefer a structured daily regimen and can easily adapt to a new environment. Those women usually have characteristics that are compatible with the lifestyles of professional men who have hectic schedules such as business owners. The men would prefer a structured home life and would have a preference for beautiful surroundings. Those individual preferences are crucial details that should be shared by men who are searching for mail order brides. A physical fitness program usually includes a healthy diet and an exercise program. Those topics can be used to help a man to initiate a conversation. The man could discuss different kinds of foods with a woman who likes a healthy diet that includes borscht and grilled chicken. They can discuss the benefits from the antioxidants in beetroots, which are a main ingredient in borscht. The men could also ask questions about the exercise programs such as the schedules for jogging or for stationary bikes. Those conversations could prompt the two individuals to make decisions about the possibility of a friendship. The foundation for a serious relationship is based on similar personal values. A woman who likes physical fitness could prefer home-cooked meals and foods that do not contain preservatives. Those preferences would conflict with the lifestyle of a man who likes the food from fast-food restaurants such as hamburgers and French fries that contain salt and monosodium glutamate. A man has an advantage when he is searching through a list of mail order brides because he can easily find personal information about women who have characteristics that are compatible with his lifestyle. The personal discipline that is required for a physical fitness program can be used to instill order into a family life. Many men prefer women who can handle a busy schedule. Those women could choose to only be homemakers or may also want to have a career. Some men prefer to marry a woman who will concentrate her efforts on building a safe environment for a family because those men believe that one parent should stay at home with the children. The decisions about lifestyles are very important for long-lasting relationships and should be discussed when men are searching for mail order brides, especially for hot Russian brides who are dedicated to physical fitness.

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[12 Jun 2016]

Why Russian Women Make Great Wives Finding a life partner that meets your physical and emotional needs can be difficult in our society today. Russian women have become very attractive to men looking for their soulmate. Women from Russia possess character traits that is rare in North America. Russians value intimacy, which is an important component in a successful relationship. The Russian culture incorporates trust in relationships to create a strong foundation in marriage. The traditional family values of Russian females makes them excellent candidates to fill the role of a wife and mother. Discover more about Russian ladies to learn how they are committed to romance, marriage, and the family unit. Intimacy between a man and women is a necessity for a healthy and stable marriage. Many marriages fail due to a lack of intimacy in the relationship. Most people associate intimacy with sex, but there is actually a great deal more to it than that. Intimacy is an intense emotion of feeling exceptionally close to someone. A man should feel like he can tell his wife anything without having to worry about her reaction. Russian women share their deepest feelings with their partner and encourage their husbands to do the same. According to, Russian women share their thoughts in a straight-forward manner. Intimacy is also achieved through physical acts of intense emotion. Physical intimacy can take place in a variety of ways including a tender touch, a passionate kiss, or sexual intercourse. Successful relationships are based on the trust that a couple would never cheat, deceive, or intentionally hurt each other. Some people believe relationships are doomed to fail after trust has been lost. Trust is one of the most difficult things to get back once it has been broken. Couples need to trust each other in all areas of their life. People in relationships put trust in each other that they will always be truthful with one another. Romantic partners trust each other to remain faithful both physically and emotionally. Couples also trust each other with finances and depend on their partner to make responsible financial decisions. Russian women are generally very trustworthy due to a desire to be loyal and devoted to their partner. According to, gender roles play an important part in Russian life. Many American women focus on their career instead of being a wife and mother. Some men don't have the time or skill to keep a clean house. They often rely on their wives to provide the children a nurturing and happy environment. Cooking is the last thing a man wants to do when he comes home from work. Russian women have a strong desire to take care of her husband and family. Most men work very hard as a financial provider and desperately need a good woman to take care of things at home. Russian brides have become a growing trend for men interested in starting a family. Russian women understand the importance of trust and intimacy in a relationship. They also have traditional family values, which is attractive to men looking for a good woman.