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[10 Feb 2020]

  1.      They’re Arrogant  When did all American women’s default attitude become “full-blown bitch”? While attempting to rebrand themselves as “strong, independent women,” they became unapproachable, rude, arrogant, spoiled brats. They think they’re entitled to a particular lifestyle for merely existing. AND their self-inflated ego—most of these women believe themselves, models when they’re barely a six. I don’t understand the attraction to defiance? It’s not sexy; it’s repugnant and emasculating.  There is no common courtesy anymore in engaging with them, so I prefer to avoid doing so at all costs. 2.      They Don’t Know How to Make Anything Edible—And They’re Proud of it The modern American woman does NOT know how to cook. They make f*ckin’ T-shirts about it; that’s how proud they are of their entitled incompetence.  Modern women can’t cook but love to eat! They have full Instagram’s and blogs dedicated to “Being a Foodie.” A Foodie? First, wouldn’t someone who identifies with adoring food so much it's in the nickname, know how to cook? Secondly, what the f*ck is a “Foodie,” a human? Because they do know we all need food to survive, and thus we all eat food.  3.      They Hate Men, Especially American Men Thanks to third-wave feminism movement in the 1990s and the subsequent change in modern media American women don’t merely want independence from men; they’ve created a society that openly hates us. “Cancel culture” has effectively canceled men. I’ve seen the T-shirts “Men are Shit,” “Women Don’t Owe You Shit,” I saw one chick wearing a sweatshirt that said, “Shut Up I Wear Heels Bigger Than Your D*ck”? Well, a couple of things on that…One, we’ll see dear, two—if you do, is it while you’re dancing on a pole or after?  Women without even speaking to anyone are not only wearing cheap clothing—but they’re publicly insulting all of us without yet engaging whatsoever.  Imagine the outrage if the roles were reversed—we would be considered a threat our shirt made them feel “unsafe” or “violated.” Ridiculous. 4.      They’re Overweight The average weight of The American Woman is 170 pounds. American women on average are overweight, and they’re not wearing yoga pants on their way to workout. I saw an advert yesterday that said, “Lounging Leggings” Lounging on the couch with adjustable waist pants? Forget getting all dressed up for men. They don’t even want to get out of their sweatpants. What is the average weight of Russian women? 132lbs and on average, they are three inches taller than American women (and still weigh less), Yet the average breast cup size is the same in both countries, DD.  I honestly worry about the decline and devolvement of American women as a whole. 5.      They Have Terrible Taste While mentioning American women’s obsession with leggings, figured we might as well highlight this. Since when were pajamas considered proper public attire? If you’re in America right now you wouldn't have to go further than your local supermarket to find a woman in pajamas, sweatpants, and slippers. While they used to take pride in their appearance, it's now considered a mere inconvenience to get dressed at all, let alone put on a dress and heels.  Although they somehow have become master con-artists when it comes to makeup. Have you seen some of these before and after’s? If your FaceID on your phone doesn’t recognize you after makeup (or vice-versa), you should be required to put that in your dating profile!   6.      They Aren’t That Bright I don’t mean they don’t shine because with this highlighting makeup trend you can see some of these clowns from miles away. What I mean is American women aren’t the sharpest tack in the box.  It is near impossible to an intelligent conversation with them at all, let alone get to know them beyond a superficial level. Beyond the “I  just can’t” “that’s so stupid” “like—ugh”  and whatever idiosyncrasies they’re populating these days, “you jelly”? And the dreaded truncated texting, all smartphones have full keyboards these days; American women also have the highest rate of mental illness. The girls are in fact “cray-cray” I cringe writing that, but I cringe far more at the extreme disdain I have over the intellectual and psychological decline of the American woman.   7.      They’re Materialistic and Fake There is so much emphasis on what you can buy them—designer purse, big house, luxury vehicle, vacation home—there is no more loyalty. Their loyalty is bought and paid for by whomever suitor offered them what they requested this month.  They create demands without providing much else on the table but lipstick on a pig. American women can often feel interchangeable. Dramatic, Spoiled and Fake. Between fillers, botox and whatever the f*ck contouring is—who knows what they really look like anyway. If looks are all they are offering these days and they can’t even provide it genetically. It’s all smoke and mirrors—because the truth is American women are lazy AF.   8.      American Women Wanted to Break the Glass Ceiling, but They’re Only Good at Watching it While Lying on Their Backs. Face it American Women are lazy, combative, and an overall nuisance to have in the office. Not only do they seem to gloat about low productivity, but they find time to b*tch about EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. Maybe if you put the same amount of effort you do gossiping you’d actually get shit done.  They’re always going on about how great they are at multi-tasking yet they never seem to complete anything on time. FYI Multi-tasking isn’t a thing. They never work well on team projects---can’t seem to get along with other female co-workers either and frequently deny issues or refuse to take responsibility for them and instead blame subordinates.  Beyond their lack of productivity and accountability, there is this fourth wave feminism shit with the “Me Too” Movement, which quite honestly has just scared us men into a place of fearing we can’t even fire ineffective workers—or create a sense of comradery in the office by hosting events anymore, let alone ask a female coworker out for a drink.

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[25 Sep 2018]

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[21 Sep 2018]

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[4 Aug 2016]

Live Chat With Hot Russian Women Today! The difference between American and Russian women are easy to identify. In fact, the cultural differences between the two countries are responsible for creating the typical woman that comes to mind when you think "Russian woman" and "American woman." Although there are many reasons for these stereotypes, there is one undeniable fact, Russian women are incredibly beautiful. At Hot Russian Brides you can chat room girls that are interested in you. When people visit this website, they are often concerned as to why the chat room girls are so photogenic. There is a simple reason for this, the website is focused on providing avenues of communication with the most beautiful women in Russia. Therefore, when women sign up for this service, they are asked to utilize professional photographers in hopes of capturing the true beauty of each woman. When you chat room girls from hot Russian brides, you can be sure you are talking to the person presented in the picture. Alternative to American culture, physical fitness is considered essential to every Russian. Because of the importance placed on physical fitness, Russian women tend to be among the most beautiful women in the world. Furthermore, it is a part of Russian culture to have women serve the man of the house. It is considered an honor to maintain a household for a man as well as look and act sexy for their husband. A further comparison between American and Russian women highlights the fact that intellectual curiosity is highly admirable within the Russian culture. As opposed to the American way of desiring looks above all else, an intelligent conversation is also desired within the Russian culture. Based on this, many Russian women desire an intellectually demanding lifestyle. While you chat room girls from Russia, it would help to have a basic understanding of physical fitness as well as knowledge of literary art. The average Russian woman enjoys a night out dancing. The vibrant lifestyle that many Russian women desire is not always available in Russia, sometimes they must venture to other parts of the world like Ukraine in order to have fun. The need to travel has developed a general desire to learn many languages amongst the Russian woman population. As many people know, Russians enjoy their vodka. Russian women are no exception! The typical Russian enjoys the double-hitter; dancing and drinking on a night out. As you begin to chat room girls, keep in mind your experiences at the bars and clubs of your local area. These experiences will fascinate the typical Russian woman because American parties are different from Russian parties. As you determine whether hot Russian brides is right for you, remember the difference between the women you interact with on a daily basis and those waiting for you. As they say, the proof is in the pudding, what do you have to lose? Try your luck when you chat room girls from Russia today!  

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[30 May 2016]

You feel like there are simply too many fish in the sea when it comes to chat women and that you will never find the perfect catch for you. Nothing could be further from the truth. Hot Russian women are more than chat women. They are known from all over the world for all of their special qualities. When you want to go past talking with chat women to find the love of your life, hot Russian women can be the treasure you have been waiting for all of these years. Stop making the rounds at the night clubs or hitting the bars where you'll only find women who want nothing more than a good time. You need someone who will be a match for a lifetime, not just one night. You need Russian women. Why Choose Russian Women? Russian women have the whole package. What you see when you visit with Russian chat women is truly what you get. Russian women are known the world over for their beauty and fine qualities. They're called hot Russian brides for a reason. They are so attractive that they often become centerfolds in magazines as unforgettable models. Russian women are the envy of all others when it comes to their amazing bodies, their alluring eyes, and lovely faces that captivate men wherever they go. Look at the Russian chat women who light up your screen and you're going to want a hot Russian bride who will light up your life. What are You Waiting For? If you want someone who will offer you more than chat women, someone to make a life with you, turn to hot Russian women. Not only are they known for their attractive bodies and lovely faces, they also offer you amazing minds. Russian women are intellectual, inquisitive, and fascinated by your culture. They want to learn about your interests and share them with you. Russian women love to go out and have a great time, dancing the night away, but they're also ready to make a home with you. When you are searching for someone who wants to make family a top priority, hot Russian brides are the answer. You can make your fantasies come true when you learn about the wonders of Russian women. You'll want to make one your own. Make the Fairytale Come True Chat women are lovely. They'll help you to forget the loneliness for a little while, but hot Russian brides can make your dreams a reality. When you look at those Russian chat women and wonder if they could be as wonderful as they seem, they can offer you even more. Russian women want to walk through the journey of life by your side. They want to merge Russian culture with yours in a beautiful combination. Hot Russian brides want to open the door to endless possibilities, but the only way to find out is to begin the journey. This is your chance to find out what hot Russian women have to offer you.  

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[10 May 2016]

According to a recent survey, approximately 10% of all members on free dating sites scam other members. Those scams include women who use men for free meals and gifts, women who force men to pay other sites to talk with them and people that catfish other members and pretend that they look different than they actually do. After falling victim to one of these common scams, some men grow so upset that they decide to stop dating all together. Other men turn to sites that help them find mail order brides from Russia. One of the best things about sites that pair men with Russian mail order brides is that Russian women believe that trust is one of the most important components of any relationship. Anyone who ever tried dating online before knows that people tend to lie about things like their age and what they look like. There are stories from both men and women who met another member offline and didn't even recognize the person because the individual used older pictures. The Russian brides that use online dating sites always post recent and up to date pictures and go to great lengths to prove they are who they say they are. These women even love chatting over video apps and web cams to show off their bodies to the men they like. Though trust is important, mail order brides from Russia take pride in other aspects of a healthy relationship too. They believe that a good relationship is one that has a high level of intimacy. Being intimate involves more than just a sexual relationship though. Mail order brides want women who will treat them like queens or princesses. While they may not want a man who makes millions of dollars, they will want someone who will treat them right and someone who believes in trust and intimacy. Russia is a unique country because it has a rich and active nightlife. People travel from all over the world to party in nightclubs and bars. Women who grow up surrounded by that culture love letting loose at night, but they value a good and stable family life as well. That is why many mail order brides specifically state in their profiles that they want partners who like spending time at home. As much as they love going wild on weekends, they want to know that they can come home to a safe place too. A large percentage of mail order brides admit that they choose men from North America because they find those men more attractive than the ones in their own towns and countries. They also use the Internet because the men in their own towns want to live a party life and aren't ready to settle down. Russian brides know that they can find men online who will want to settle down with them and start building a life with them as soon as possible. Men can meet mail order brides who value intimacy and honesty online.  

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[4 Apr 2016]

Finding Love Across the Ocean In this day and age, it can be extremely difficult to find someone who values the things that go into making a traditional home life: romance, loyalty to family, and a warm, loving place to grow and build a life in. Sometimes, it can seem like there's no one who still wants those things in the 21st century. That's not true, though — sometimes it just requires looking outside one's immediate circles and casting an eye abroad. While many shy away from the concept of "mail order brides" online, making contact with potential Russian brides is actually a valid (and often rewarding) way to find a solid, loving relationship. Russian brides come from a culture that still values family life, intelligence, cultural exchange, and many other things that North American culture has started to lose sight of. More than anything, they want love, family, and stability — things many American men are also on the lookout for and may feel unable to find. When it comes to finding an intelligent, engaged partner, Russian brides are a perfect fit. Recent studies show that Russia is the most educated country in the world, with more than half the population having some form of higher education. Engaging with Russian women opens up learning opportunities for both parties, both in terms of linguistic and cultural exchange, and opens the door to a relationship with an intellectual equal. For those looking for a comfortable home life with a wife who loves to cook, it's worth noting that Russia has a rich culinary culture, with some of the most diverse cuisine in the world. Russian brides are some of the best cooks one could ever hope to meet. To truly appreciate what Russian brides could bring to one's life, though, it's best to take a look at them. One goes by the name Jumalla (User 862026) and hails from the Ukraine. Petite, auburn-haired, and modestly dressed, she professes a love of horseback riding and can be seen in her photos in the company of a loyal Dalmatian. Her profile is down-to-earth: she takes pride as a chef (especially when it comes to seafood), cheers herself up with rock or jazz when she's sad, and has foregone clubbing and the dating scene in favor of finding someone she can start a family with. What does she look for in a man? Loyalty, family values, good conversation, and devotion to maintaining a long-term relationship. The concept of Russian brides may seem to many to be some sort of punchline, but in actuality they're a positive way to find love and companionship. Russian women are intelligent, cultured, and deeply rooted in family values. It's a rewarding way to find love in the modern age, and can lead to relationships that last a lifetime.  

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[2 Apr 2016]

Even after they resort to the internet, many men have trouble meeting hot chat girls. They will cycle through different hot chat girls, constantly discovering that they are just not compatible with anybody. After this happens so many times, men will begin to lose hope. They will think that they will be confined to a life of loneliness. Thankfully, men have discovered that there is a marketplace of hot chat girls. There is a host of hot chat girls from Russia. These ladies are typically willing to move to the United States to become brides. These hot chat girls usually possess many of the attributes that American men want in a woman. Physical Fitness There seems to be a lack of self-control ingrained in the DNA of western culture. Many have unfortunately succumbed to obesity. Russian women are often confused by this phenomenon. Physical fitness is central to their lives. Russia has a host of hiking trails. Women will spend their afternoons on these trails jogging or riding their bicycle. They enjoy pushing themselves. That is probably why so many Russian women are shapely. They make an effort to maintain their physique. Intimacy American men often wonder why it is that they are so attracted to Russian women. They are sometimes unaware that Russian women are very attracted to American men as well. There is an uncanny chemistry between American men and Russian women. When they marry, both parties are satisfied, and never left without romantic intimacy. The Family Russian women are willing to come to the United States to meet the man that they love and to start a family. There is something here that they want. They want to be able to pursue the American Dream. This means that the family will be their priority. Russian women want to have a strong family unit, instilling values in their children and developing the perfect home. Dancing Life can be dull for the person who stays in every night. Even if you are the type of type of person who likes some time alone, you still would not want to be in every night. Your Russian wife will not want to stay in every night, either. She will take you out dancing. Dancing is a central theme in Russian culture. She might even teach you a few new steps. Literature Russia has produced a massive body of literature. The people of Russia have a reputation for their love of novels. They love character analysis. They love providing insight and hearing your insight. These ladies possess much more than just a beautiful face. They have a mind. Cuisine New food can sometimes be intimidating. In American culture, people often consume themselves in fast food, hot dogs, and pizza. But there is a rich array of gourmet entrees throughout different cultures. Russia has some of the finest delicacies in the world, and Russian women are very skilled in preparing them. if you want to find a wife you should consider a Hot Russian Bride   

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[31 Mar 2016]

Dating can be very difficult. Men often have trouble meeting hot chat girls on the internet or hot chat girls in person. But many are coming to realize that there is an untapped catalog of hot chat girls who want to meet American men. Russian women are very captivated by the idea of coming to the United States, becoming citizens and dedicating themselves to their husbands. These hot chat girls often prefer to be with American men rather than Russian men, not only because they want to come to the United States, but also because there is a certain chemistry that exists between American men and Russian women that is unparalleled. That is why Russian women are hot chat girls that men really can meet. They have a lot of great features that men look for in a woman. Beauty Do you ever notice how hard some women try to be beautiful? They will wear immodest garbs in public, hoping against hope that they are beautiful and will draw the attention of men. Russian women have more confidence in themselves and in their appearance than that. They know that they are beautiful and they do not have to engage in that behavior. Russian women have a history of modesty that derives from comfort in their physique. Romance Sometimes a man will go to work all day, come home and just want to be close to his wife, only to find that she does not want to be close to him. She has no interest in developing a deep and intimate commitment. But Russian women are genetically more prone to romance. They understand the importance of romance and why one should spend their time strengthening their relationships. Family A strong family unit is the bedrock of society and the bedrock of individual happiness. Russian culture always acknowledges that there is a deep interdependence upon every member of the family. Everyone needs to financially and emotionally depend on each other so that they will be actively invested in the members of their family. Fun After a long week at work, many men do not want to just sit at home for the weekend. They want to go out and do something. Russian women share that sentiment. They may want to go clubbing one weekend or enjoy fine dining the next. Russian women are always up for an adventure. Intellectual Curiosity Sometimes people want to visit the local museum and check out the exhibits but find that their spouse does not share that intellectual curiosity. Russian women do. They are very intelligent and eager to learn about different cultures and intellectual pursuits. Russian Entrees A new type of food can be intimidating for many people. They may not want to try something that they are not used to. But since so many Russian women are excellent chefs, it will prove to be an easy transition that American men do not regret.  

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[24 Mar 2016]

Dating comes with stress. Men want to be able to find the right match, but they struggle. However, many American men have reported that they have found the woman that they love by looking beyond the borders of the United States and finding Russian brides. Russian brides are becoming a common theme among American men. These Russian brides love the idea of coming to the land of freedom and opportunity. Russian brides want to do everything that they can to make their husband happy. They have several great qualities that men look for in a woman. Many of the fantasies and yearning is fulfilled when a man realizes that he can find Russian brides. Importance of Beauty The concept of maintaining a beautiful appearance is ingrained in Russian culture. That is not because appearance is all that matters. It is because if a person is happy with their appearance, they will be more confident. So Russian women often focus heavily on maintaining a trim physique and applying the right amount of makeup. Most Russian women are very beautiful. Trust is central Most men have been in relationships with women who did not understand the value of trust. Any time that man goes to work, he gets a flood of text messages from this significant other accusing him of cheating. She places no value on trust. Russian women do. They draw trust from enhanced intimacy and they know that their husband would never need to go beyond their relationship. Strong family Values Many families in the west are in complete disarray because the parents just do not give their children the attention and love and support that they need. But Russian women have a long, cultural commitment to dedicating themselves to the family. They believe that a strong family is the key to happiness. They will devote themselves to being a wife and a mother. Fun There are too many long nights spend inside with nothing to do aside from watch television. Russian women are not like that. Russian women will take their husband out on a late night dancing. Dancing is central to Russian culture and the couple can teach each other a few moves that they have picked up along the way from their respective culture. Intelligence Russia has a long history of leading the intellectual charge. They have a culture of science. Russia has highlighted the importance of education and taught that to all of her people. A Russian wife will continue that long tradition, taking interest in art, culture, literature, and any intellectual challenge that may arise. She is much more than a pretty face. She has a mind. Tasty Russian Cuisine Russian entrees are unlike anything that most Americans have encountered. While they may be intimidating at first, most people find that they cannot resist the Russian Herring Salad once they have had a little taste of it. Russian women are often experts in preparing these cuisines.  

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[11 Mar 2016]

For bachelors around the world, Russian women are often the epitome of beauty, elegance, and style. Ladies from Russia and Ukraine are eager to please, cultured, and well-educated - and expect the same from their men! But it's not just natural beauty that makes Russian women great companions; it's all that a lot more too. Take Kotya from Ukraine; she is young, vibrant and full of life. Despite being pretty enough to be a model, Kotya wishes for a good, responsible, and romantic man to spend her life with. This 5'6" blonde bombshell looks like she could hit the club at any moment but actually desires a responsible life as a dedicated wife. Home and family are very important concepts for those from the Russian Federation, and women are happy to make being a wife and mother their number one priority. This is a culture of responsibility and the sanctity of marriage is always respected. Additionally, romance is very important to Russian women. Russian brides are committed to their husbands and they value intimacy, trust, and the family unit. This is especially true for Kotya, as she aims to please her future husband both physically and mentally. Not only will she and other single Russian women be perfect wives, but they also know how to keep a home. Home and family are very important concepts in Russian culture, and women are happy to prioritize being a wife and mother. Kotya, while still young, is still well-educated. In fact, most Russian brides attend college and value a degree whether or not they become a home maker. Learning about different cultures is important in Russia, and Russian women embrace new ideals easily. Russian women bring a profound cultural experience and knowledge to the table. Russian women are not only beautiful but also smart and sassy, meaning they are always open to new adventures. Kotya, like most Russian women, identifies as Christian. In the Russian Federation, the majority of citizens follow the Orthodox Christian church's traditions and teachings. For Kotya, it is important that her potential mate look to the church for both guidance and community. However, Russian brides understand that their future husbands may follow different churches and are therefore open to learning new ways of life. Russian women are known throughout the world for their natural beauty and strong affinities for companionship. Any man looking for a well-educated, cultured and gorgeous wife would be more than happy with a mate from Russia or Ukraine. Kotya, and many other hot Russian women, are waiting patiently to find their perfect husbands. However, note that these ladies are not desperate - far from it. Instead, they simply want something more for lives and a marriage and family are the perfect fairy-tale dreams.