Online Dating

According to a recent survey, approximately 10% of all members on free dating sites scam other members. Those scams include women who use men for free meals and gifts, women who force men to pay other sites to talk with them and people that catfish other members and pretend that they look different than they […]

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5 Tricks That Make that First In-Person Meeting Magical

Even though you’ve spent months getting to know one another online, meeting in person for the first time can cause some serious butterflies. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to make sure that it all goes off without a hitch.


Look your best.

Pull out the outfit that you are going to wear well […]

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Lady of the Day: SWEETTIGRESS from Odessa, Ukraine

Meet today’s Lady of the Day: SWEETTIGRESS. SWEETTIGRESS is a 23-year-old customs inspector from Odessa, Ukraine. ID 534197


SWEETTIGRESS is looking for: "I am looking for a man who is merry, sincere, self-confident faithful and reliable. He shouldn’t be wasteful or stingy he should have a sense of proportion. I am searching for a man who […]

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How to Use Live Chat

Getting to know the ladies online now has never been easier than with Live Chat! Learn how to use Live Chat on for a more natural and conversational style of communication. This video also shows how to add emoticons, where to add notes, how to retrieve archived messages, and where to find VoyerCam™.


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25 Photos from the Miss Divine Ukrainian Beauty Show

Were you lucky enough to catch the live stream of the Miss Divine Beauty Show? If you weren’t here are 25 photos to show you what you missed. The good news is that we will have the full webcast available for viewing on the site soon. However, you must be a member to watch it. […]

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What are my options when signing up on Hot Russian Brides?

When first signing up on Hot Russian Brides, customers may wish to investigate their options for upgrading their account, while a Bronze Membership allows members to view the profiles of some of the most stunning Russian ladies on the internet, if you wish to communicate with those ladies, you will need to upgrade to one […]

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Why Positivity Matters

One of the most off-putting things a Russian lady can see in a gentleman’s profile is a lot of negativity. While many gentlemen do use the profile “About Me” and “Looking For” sections to speak about who they are, what they are looking for in a partner and information such as that, one of the […]

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Beautiful Olga9310, 23 y.o. Blonde form Nikolayev

OLGA9310 ID 330512 (more photos)



Meet more single Russian brides from Nikolayev, Ukraine on today.

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Most Popular Articles in August [Recap]

In case you haven’t been to our blog in a while, here’s a recap of the most popular blog posts in August.


Who is Your Favorite Beauty Show Contestant?


Sexy Ukrainian Singer, Nastya Kamenskikh


Do Russian Women Want Older Husbands?


Featured Couple: Stephen and Valeria


Beautiful Russian Girls Dance for You!


Want to keep up with our blog? Sign up […]

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Secrets of a Successful Relationship

Many singles wonder what it takes to have a successful relationship. Why do some relationships fail, while others succeed? There are many factors to a happy relationship, but here are 3 commonalities. 



A relationship cannot be successful without solid communication. Therefore, you must never be afraid to express your wants and needs and ask your lady […]

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