All New Virtual Cards August 1st!

Finding new ways to express your romantic feelings, especially over a large distance can be difficult. Virtual Cards on can be a great way to show your lady your softer side. With cute graphics and heartwarming sayings, the cards are specially crafted to make your Russian or Ukrainian sweetheart melt. And now, new […]

Five Things That Get Your Dating Emails Answered

Online dating is generally exciting and fun. But, there can be a lot of anxiety during some parts. The part that most people who engage in online and international dating dread most is waiting to hear back once they have messaged someone interesting. And, it can be very disappointing when you don’t get a reply. […]

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Lady of the Day: LADYTREASURE from Kyiv, Ukraine

Meet today’s Lady of the Day: LADYTREASURE. LADYTREASURE is an 18-year-old Cancer from Kyiv, Ukraine.


LADYTREASURE is looking for "a reliable, self-confident man, possessing kindness and courage, self-respect and respect to others. I would like to find someone honest, strong, loving, and caring, with a sense of humor and who knows how to enjoy life!" ID […]

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20 Things You Can Do for Russian Dating Success

No one can guarantee that you will find love on any dating site. But, there are plenty of things you can do that will tip the odds in your favor.


Employ the following tactics to increase your chances of international dating success:


Filter results to find women most compatible with you. 
Get online at different times of day […]

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When Ukrainian Women Don’t Respond to Your Email

Some men grow frustrated after they send a woman an email and then never hear back. Sound familiar? Here are three reasons the women of HRB may not reply to your messages and how to handle the lack of response.


She’s Busy

Many women on HRB do not have Internet connections at home and must therefore travel […]

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How to Send Follow-Up Emails on HotRussianBrides

Once you send an Intro-Letter to a lady on HRB, all other emails you send to her are considered Follow-Up Emails. Watch this video to learn how to send them, and how to add attachments and Virtual Cards.


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What Can I Do to Get More Replies?

Wondering how to get more replies from the women of HRB? Here are three simple ways to catch a woman’s interest and entice her into responding to your messages.  


Intrigue Her

If you want more replies, avoid boring form letters or one or two-line greetings. Though many singles rely on form letters to approach a potential […]

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Email on HRB: Virtual Cards

Once you’ve gotten the hang of Hot Russian Brides®’ email system, why not add a little something special to your messages? Check out HRB’s Virtual Cards!


What is a Virtual Card?

A Virtual Card is a graphic-accompanied message that members may send electronically. Men can choose from a number of cards designed by’s graphic artists, including […]

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Email on HRB: The Intro-Letter

New to Hot Russian Brides? Here’s what you need to know about one of HRB’s most important email features: the Intro-Letter™.


The Intro-Letter in a Nutshell

Simply put, an Intro-Letter is the first email you send a woman on HRB. In it, you may introduce yourself, share a little about life, and ask a woman questions about […]

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Are You Emailing Russian Brides Effectively?

Hot Russian brides are rarely shy when it comes to emailing adventurous bachelors. Members of Russian dating sites often receive hundreds of emails in just a few days! While some guys gush over the attention, others prefer to be the aggressor and seek out specific ladies they want to communicate with.


In order to receive a […]

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