Art by the Pound at the “Second-Hand Modern Art”

An Kyiv gallery showing work from modern Ukrainian artists has taken an unusual approach: they have weighed the paintings and are selling them by the kilogram. The organizer of the show, Serhiy Kuznetsev, says that the purpose of the buy-by-weight gimmick is two-fold: first, it reflects the nature of art as a commodity; but, at […]

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Fall for MariaTheBest, 24 y.o. Model, Singer from Kiev

MARIATHEBEST ID 549819 (more photos)



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Meet Blinch, 32 y.o. Pisces from Kiev

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UTair to Offer New Routes Within Ukraine

Hoping to meet special women in Kiev and Simferopol? Starting June 1, UTair-Ukraine will offer a daily flight between the two cities. The Ukrainian subsidiary of UTair Aviation will also offer a weekly flight between Lyiv and Simferopol. 


“The flights from Kyiv will depart for Simferopol at 10:10 and from Simferopol for Kyiv at 13:05,” the […]

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Headlines from Ukraine: The Fight Against Piracy, Kiev’s New Luxury District, and More

Wondering what’s new in Ukraine? Here are four of the nation’s recent headlines. We’ve got religious celebrations, Yulia Tymoshenko in grain, a new luxury district in Kiev, and Ukrainian officials vow to fight piracy. 


Ukraine, Russia, Belarus to Celebrate Anniversary of Baptism of Rus

This July, the capitals of Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine will all celebrate the […]

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Enjoy Breakfast in the Garden at Oselya Hotel


While it’s a few miles from the main street in Kyiv, Oselya Hotel is worth the cab fare. With just seven completely different rooms, the small hotel appreciates uniqueness, individuality, and privacy.


“Our hotel is our passion. We imagined what an ideal home for travelers in another city should be, and have created it,” states the […]

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Kiev’s 10 Most Popular Restaurants

Thinking of paying a visit to Ukraine’s capital city? Kiev is full of fabulous restaurants, but a few eateries stand out for their delicious food and outstanding service. Here are Kiev’s 10 most popular restaurants as ranked on 


10. Al Faro

Al Faro serves authentic Italian cuisine such as lasagna, oven-baked pizza, spaghetti carbonara, and bistecca […]

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Friendly Florii, 25 y.o. Actress from Kiev

FLORII ID 525907 (more photos)



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Featured Lady: Barcelona13 24 y.o. Model from Kiev

Say hello to Barcelona13, a passionate brunette who loves rooting for her favorite football team and taking exotic trips to foreign countries. Intrigued? Here’s what Barcelona had to say in her extended interview.


Why have you decided to search for love online?

I am a happy person, but more and more often I think that I miss […]

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Kiev is the Most Beautiful City in the World, Says World’s Most Traveled Man

Fred Finn has visited 70% of the world’s countries and while Kenya is his all-time favorite, Ukraine is included in his top three. 


“Kiev is the most beautiful city in the world,” Fred says. “There are many beautiful cathedrals, the history is incredibly interesting, the women are stunning, and the language is much softer than Russian.”


He […]

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