Moscow to Host Miss Universe 2013 Pageant

If you’re planning a trip to visit Russian brides in Moscow this November, you may notice beauties from all around the globe as the Miss Universe pageant will be taking place in the capital city this year.


“I am convinced that it will be the biggest and best Miss Universe that you have ever seen,” Donald […]

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Visit Russian Brides This Summer for Moscow Music Festivals

If you love Russian women and you love outdoor music festivals, you may want to consider visiting Moscow this summer.


Afisha Picnic used to be the only open air event worth attending. Russian music lovers would have to travel abroad to see their favorite acts. But this year, many of the same headliners are coming to […]

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Sasha Grey to Race Across Russia

While she retired from the adult film industry to focus on conventional acting, modeling and music, Sasha Grey still attracts fans from all over the world.


The Russian automobile website recently invited her to participate in a cross-country car rally next month, and Sasha said yes!


“We’ll teach you to cook pelmeni, and drive famous Russian […]

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Russians Show Support for Boston Marathon Victims


Over 4,000 miles separate Moscow from Boston but Russians are showing their love for the city and grieving for those suffering from Monday’s bombings by laying flowers at U.S. Embassy and Consulate offices around the country. 


“When I found out about this awful event I decided to bring flowers to […]

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Snow Kingdom Set to Open in Moscow

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of Russian animation, the winter wonderland known as Snow Kingdom MultiGRAD will feature cartoon characters made of ice, an ice skating rink, and a snow maze. 


Opening this Sunday, the seasonal spectacular is set inside Moscow’s Kuzminki Park and organizers expect thousands of visitors. 


In addition to remarkable ice sculptures that […]

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The Cossacks Are Coming

The Cossacks, Russia’s fearsome fighters known for their distinctive uniforms and impressive swordsmanship have been called to face new enemies. Eight Cossack soldiers, wearing the traditional tall fur hats, were recently stationed in Moscow train stations. They are there to keep a lookout for such threats as loud drunks, panhandlers, and illegally parked cars.


No one […]

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To Russia with Love

Russia and the Soviet Union figured prominently in a number of James Bond movies. That influence is celebrated at a new gallery exhibition dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the James Bond film franchise. The exhibit is sponsored by GQ Magazine and appears in the Solyanka Gallery.


Bond Girl Caroline Munro was there Thursday night to […]

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New Double-Decker Bus Tours in Moscow

Looking for a novel way to check out the city of Moscow? See the city with your love in a red double-decker tour bus. Starting this month, a fleet of three buses are giving scenic tours in Moscow. The tour buses run a nine-kilometer circuit through the scenic area known as the Garden Ring which […]

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Victory Day Military Parade in Red Square [VIDEOS]

The first Russian military parade on Red Square was held on June 24, 1945. After that, they were held on Victory Day, May 9th, in the years 1965, 1985, 1990, and 1995. Then parades were held every year and today, 67 years after the defeat of Nazi Germany, 14,000 troops marched in Red Square.


The best […]

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10 Quirky Date Destinations, Russia

If your FSU sweetheart hails from Russia, rather than the Ukraine, here are 10 quirky date destinations sure to bring a smile to her face. Who says a date has to be the stereotypical dinner and drinks?

Yuri Detochkin Car Theft Museum, MoscowNamed after a character in the popular Russian movie Beware of Car, the Yuri […]

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