24 Hours to Go, Last Set of “Hottest Bikini Body” Contestant Photos

Hello everyone! The First Round of voting for the Hottest Bikini Body contest ends in 24 hours! The Top 9 ladies will advance to the Final Round, which starts tomorrow at 11am Eastern Time. If you haven’t voted today, do it now! In the meantime, enjoy the final set of contestant photos below:




57 ladies are […]

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More Photos, “Hottest Bikini Body” First Round Closes in 48 Hours

There are 48 hours left to vote for your favorite Hottest Bikini Body! Still trying to decide? See if any of the ladies below strike your fancy. And remember, all the ladies are members of HotRussianBrides.com.

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Plenty More “Hottest Bikini Body” Contestants Left

I’m not sure if you are like us, but we can’t get enough of these beautiful Hottest Bikini Body contestants. We are going to be very, very sad when this contest is over. But until then, we will continue to showcase every single contestant. Make sure you vote for your favorite every day! But hurry, […]

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More “Hottest Bikini Body” Contestants!

And the hotness continues! We are on the fourth day of First Round voting for the Hottest Bikini Body contest. Hopefully you have been voting every day. Have you found your favorite? If not, perhaps this set of ladies will help you decide. Enjoy!




57 ladies are vying for the chance to become the “Hottest Bikini […]

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Second Set of “Hottest Bikini Body” Photos

Yesterday we showcased the first set of contestants for our “Hottest Bikini Body” contest. Here is the next set of gorgeous gals hoping to get your vote. Oh yeah, have you voted today? Well, get to it!




57 ladies are vying for the chance to become the “Hottest Bikini Body”! Cast your vote every day and […]

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First Set of “Hottest Bikini Body” Contestants

Over the course of the first round of the Hottest Bikini Body contest, we will showcase the entire set of contestants, a few per day. Enjoy the first set of ladies! And don’t forget you can vote every day.










57 ladies are vying for the chance to become the “Hottest Bikini Body”! Cast your vote every […]

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Russian Brides Wish You a Happy 4th of July!


Some American gentlemen are getting ready to enjoy a four-day weekend with Independence Day on Thursday and a complimentary day off on Friday.


What will they do with all that free time? Hop on HotRussianBrides.com and meet new lovely ladies of course! 


In the spirit of the Fourth of the July […]

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6 Russian Brides Representing the UK


The Union Jack is commonly seen other places besides flying in the air around the United Kingdom. It has become a popular design in the fashion world, often appearing on clothing, jewelry, and other accessories.


Here are a few hot Russian brides representing the UK in their profile photos. Click on the pics to learn more […]

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Sexy Russian Brides Show Off in Pin-Up Inspired Pictures

Love a classic Bettie Page or Marilyn Monroe look? Our Russian brides do, too. Check out below as they show off their very best sexy, vintage pin-up looks:


Classic Blonde Tenderness:


CheryLips gives us her very best Elizabeth Taylor:


Daria – Fabulous 40s Pin-Up Style


Sultry Bikini-Babe DianaDiana:


Classic Blonde Russian Esferro:


Sweet & Curvy Flirtz:


Wanna play Beach Blanket Bingo with […]

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Russia’s First All-Female Motorcycle Club

There are over 350 motorcycle clubs in Russia, but only one that regularly admits women. The ladies of Wings Female Motorcycle Club have been taking to the roads together since 1999. The club, like other motorcycle clubs in the country, puts on concerts and parties, does charity rides for orphanages, and participates in missing persons […]

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