Where Do the Women of Hot Russian Brides Come From?

Many people are curious about where the women of HRB are from. Are they solely from Russia or Ukraine? Do they come from large cities or rural villages? How do they come to be members of the site? Here are the answers to those questions and more.


Due to the name of our site, many people […]

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Why Chinese Men Marry Russian Women

Though most Westerners picture Russian brides with men from Australia, North America, or Western Europe, the ladies of Eastern Europe are also popular among Chinese men. Here’s why more Chinese men and Russian women are tying the knot. 



First, there is the issue of demographics. With millions more men than women, China is one of the […]

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Moscow to Host Miss Universe 2013 Pageant

If you’re planning a trip to visit Russian brides in Moscow this November, you may notice beauties from all around the globe as the Miss Universe pageant will be taking place in the capital city this year.


“I am convinced that it will be the biggest and best Miss Universe that you have ever seen,” Donald […]

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Blonde Russian Girls Recruited for Mosquito Festival

Russia and Ukraine have reputations of quirky destinations and unique festivals so we weren’t too surprised when we heard about The Russian Mosquito Festival. It was actually more surprising to learn that this will be the first one!


Taking place in Perm Region’s town of Usolye in the Urals July 19-21, the festival plans to enlist […]

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Showing Off Easter Kulich Bread

GladnessN shows off her kulich

Last Sunday was Russian Orthodox Easter. To celebrate, Russians bake kulich and decorate pysanky. Two ladies wanted to share with you what their Easter treats looked like. Send them an email and let them know you liked their stuff.

Annie555 has quite an impressive Easter spread!

Also, enjoy this video showing you how […]

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What’s a Decembrist Wife?

Wondering what Featured Lady Kitty Vikie meant when she called herself a Decembrist wife? Here’s the meaning behind this famous Russian expression.


The phrase Decembrist wife dates back to December 26, 1825 on which a group of Russian army officers revolted against Nicholas I’s rise to throne. The 3,000 or so rebels assembled in Saint Petersburg’s […]

Maria Sharapova Expands Sugarpova Candy to Russia

Athletes are known for strict diets and exercise regiments but Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova likes a little sugary reward every now and then.


“When I was younger, at the end of a practice, I would always ask my parents to buy me a little something sweet, like a lollipop back in Russia,” Maria reveals to […]

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Russians Show Support for Boston Marathon Victims


Over 4,000 miles separate Moscow from Boston but Russians are showing their love for the city and grieving for those suffering from Monday’s bombings by laying flowers at U.S. Embassy and Consulate offices around the country. 


“When I found out about this awful event I decided to bring flowers to […]

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Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova: Russia’s Rising Tennis Star

A number of beautiful tennis stars hail from Mother Russia, including Maria Kirilenko, Anna Kournikova, Elena Dementieva, and Maria Sharapova. Now meet Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, 21, a rising star who is currently ranked World No. 19 in Women’s Singles.


Born in Samara, Russia, Anastasia comes from athletic stock. Her father was a champion canoeist who would have […]

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Putin, Pardons, and Protestors: What’s New in Russia, Ukraine

Wondering what’s new in Eastern Europe? Here are five recent stories from Russia and Ukraine. We’ve gotten topless protestors, death-defying jumps, and a new partnership between Russia and the Netherlands. 


Topless Protestors Confront Putin in Germany

Three members of Femen, a women’s rights group founded in Ukraine, protested Vladimir Putin’s visit to Hanover, Germany with topless chants […]

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