Protect Yourself from Dating Scams

Russian dating scams are in the news again – this time, people using stolen photos have targeted men in Austria, hustling men for thousands of dollars and then disappearing. While such cons can make a gentleman uncomfortable with the idea of online dating, a bit of care and common sense can protect from such scenarios.


Only […]

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The Truth About Russian Dating and Scammer Sites

Concerned because you spotted a woman from HRB on a blacklist or scammer site? Wondering why we haven’t deleted an alleged scammer’s profile? Here are a few things to consider when it comes to Russian dating and scammer websites. 


Identify Theft

While a woman listed on a blacklist site may indeed be guilty of scamming, it’s also […]

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Freedom of Choice on

Some men become upset with HotRussianBrides because of the young, beautiful, and/or scantily-clad women who use our service. These men believe that such women couldn’t possibly be serious about finding love and marriage and that we should therefore ban the ladies from our site. However, this is simply not a reasonable expectation, nor would it […]

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The Hot Russian Brides Difference and How It Can Improve Your Experience

Some members and potential members of our service may be curious as to what the exact benefits of a service like ours may be. Why should they decide to use a website to meet ladies in Ukraine, when they could quite easily hope on a plane and just start meeting […]

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Why (Else) Do You Think the Ladies Are Paid to Chat?

One of the most common myths about is that we pay ladies to chat. Last June, we addressed 5 reasons men believe this twisted tale and why gentleman don’t have worry about such seemingly suspicious signs. Here are 3 more reasons men think our ladies are paid to chat and why they too are […]

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Why (Else) Do You Think HotRussianBrides is a Scam?

A few months ago, we addressed 4 reasons men think HotRussianBrides is a scam and why members don’t have to worry about these seemingly suspicious signs. Here are 3 more reasons we’ve been accused us of being a scam and why they too are wrong.


You Can’t Control the Agencies

A trendy scam argument these days is […]

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There Are Two Sides to Every Story

Blacklist sites and Russian dating forums are full of one-sided tales. Men who feel they have been wronged by a Russian woman or a Russian dating website flock to these websites to share their stories with a sympathetic audience. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to vent, problems arise when these accounts are portrayed as […]

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Let’s Be Fair: The Boy Who Cried Scam

Some say that is a scam because we don’t guarantee that a woman will marry a man within days because he pays a membership fee to chat with her. Others say it’s because we make it “harder” to obtain a lady’s contact information because we have a Qualification Requirement. Call […]

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4 Common Complaints about Russian Bride Dating Sites

There is still a taboo in the US with regards to men using Russian-based online dating Websites to find romance. While usually referred to as “mail order bride sites”, the old days of picking a woman to have shipped to your door from a catalog are not part of’s service offerings.


Despite our catchy name, we are […]

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Why Do You Think is a Scam?

It’s no secret that the Russian dating industry is plagued by horror stories. Gentlemen are understandably worried about losing their heart and money to a scammer and are hesitant to use a Russian dating service that has been labeled a scam. does not escape criticism and more than a few members have wondered if our […]

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