July 2013

Lady of the Day: Viola1 from Ukraine

Meet today’s Lady of the Day: Viola1 . Viola1 is a 24-year-old manager from Ukraine.


Viola1 describes herself: “I often hear from my friends that I am very joyful and happy person and can bring a lot of smiles arround! " ID 545150



Lady of the Day: Feelprincess from Mariupol, Ukraine

Meet today’s Lady of the Day: Feelprincess . Feelprincess is a 28-year-old manager from Mariupol, Ukraine.


Feelprincess is a romantic: “I dream about relationship with man whom I love and who loves me – and that’s all. It’s so simple that it’s difficult to believe in it. If I feel happy and loved […]

Lady of the Day: Marcellina from Sevastopol

Meet today’s Lady of the Day: Marcellina. Marcellina is a 21-year-old photographer from Sevastopol, Ukraine.


Marcellina is looking for: “I am looking for the man with a very kind heart. This is the most important! He should be smart man who knows what he needs in live.” Perhaps the man will know he needs Marcellina after […]

June 2013

Lady of the Day: Collumbia from Bashtanka, Ukraine

Meet today’s Lady of the Day: COLLUMBIA. COLLUMBIA is an 23-year-old Capricorn from Bashtanka, Ukraine.


COLLUMBIA is looking for "you have to be calm kind and have a nice heart, you need to be not a jealous type of a person." ID 362776



Why try […]

Lady of the Day: LADYTREASURE from Kyiv, Ukraine

Meet today’s Lady of the Day: LADYTREASURE. LADYTREASURE is an 18-year-old Cancer from Kyiv, Ukraine.


LADYTREASURE is looking for "a reliable, self-confident man, possessing kindness and courage, self-respect and respect to others. I would like to find someone honest, strong, loving, and caring, with a sense of humor and who knows how to enjoy life!" ID […]

Lady of the Day: KievDasha from Kiev

Meet today’s Lady of the Day: KievDasha. KievDasha is a 20-year-old Cancer from Kiev, Ukraine. ID 539793


KievDasha is looking for: "I am looking for responsible, interesting and reliable partner for life.He should be a bit romantic. In the first turn I want him to be interested in life and in creating strong relationships in the […]

Lady of the Day: KATYDREAM, 26yo from Donetsk

Meet today’s Lady of the Day: KATYDREAM. KATYDREAM is a 26-year-old Scorpio from Donetsk, Ukraine. ID 547698


KATYDREAM is looking for: "I believe that foreign men are more attentive to their ladies. I am sure that a grown man knows what he wants from life and from his women and this man will move the world […]

Lady of the Day: Walery from Melitopol

Meet today’s Lady of the Day: Walery. Walery is a 18-year-old geography teacher from Melitopol, Ukraine. ID 556380


About Walery: "My character is quite easy but naughty. I rarely participate in conflicts, try to avoid them most of the time if possible. Kind, reliable, sometimes hot-tempered. I like to watch football, dance slow and fast dances. […]

April 2013

32 of the Most Gorgeous Pairs of Legs You Will Ever See

Some men like eyes. Others like bosoms. But there is a subset of the male populace that can’t get enough of a gorgeous pair of legs. Songs have been written about them. There is no denying their beauty. It is for these men that we present a pictorial of 32 of the most gorgeous legs […]

November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving from Odessa! [Video]

What could make your Thanksgiving epic? How about a fun and festive video featuring some of the most beautiful women on our site wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving? Yeah, we thought so to! Enjoy as BrightZhanna, Victorya, TanyaStar, Ksusha92, MariaDonna, SvetAngel, Oksaanochka and BeautKate make a feast for you!