All New Virtual Cards August 1st!

Finding new ways to express your romantic feelings, especially over a large distance can be difficult. Virtual Cards on can be a great way to show your lady your softer side. With cute graphics and heartwarming sayings, the cards are specially crafted to make your Russian or Ukrainian sweetheart melt. And now, new […]

20 Things You Can Do for Russian Dating Success

No one can guarantee that you will find love on any dating site. But, there are plenty of things you can do that will tip the odds in your favor.


Employ the following tactics to increase your chances of international dating success:


Filter results to find women most compatible with you. 
Get online at different times of day […]

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The HRB BlackBook: Notes & Remarks

Hot Russian Brides’ BlackBook™ tool helps countless members date Russian and Ukrainian women online. Now that you know about the benefits of the Email History, let’s take a look at the Notes & Remarks section.


If you’re like most men on HRB, you’re communicating with several different women at once. Naturally, this can get confusing. The BlackBook’s […]

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Why Haven’t I Found Anyone Yet?

Feeling disheartened because you haven’t found a match? Here are a few tips and words of encouragement to help you along the way.


Try a New Approach

Getting nowhere with your search? Perhaps it’s time to change your approach. Update your profile, share new photos, try a different form of communication like instant messaging or live streaming. […]

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Three Tips for Success on Hot Russian Brides

Expanding your geographic dating pool to include women from Ukraine and Russia does a lot to increase your chances of finding a romantic match. But, simply signing up does not guarantee success. A combination of good attitude and positive actions are necessary to win in the game of love.


Come to the Site with Realistic Expectations

She’s […]

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Is for me? Take Our Quiz and Find Out is not a conventional dating Website. Whereas many people are comfortable on domestic sites and interacting with similar people, offers open-minded bachelors and divorcees with something unique, adventurous and more complex. is an international dating service that falls under the purview of “International Marriage Brokers.” Usually including mail order bride Websites, IMBs facilitate […]

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Can I Use Without A Credit Card?

While more popular than ever, there are still many people out there who don’t have credit cards. Some do not have them by choice, and some by circumstance. While Credit Cards are a very popular method of payment on our site, they are certainly not the only one, and we have many other options available […]

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Top 10 Russian Women Turn Offs [Video]

Russian ladies are very clear about what they don’t want in a man. Learn the top 10 Russian women turn offs, from a survey of 580 Russian and Ukrainian women conducted by

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7 Tips for Staying Safe on Russian Online Dating Sites

After being in business for over 7 years, has become an expert in helping men avoid some of the dangerous pitfalls of online dating. While many men have found romance or friendships on our site, many have failed in the process due to miscommunication, fear, misunderstanding and misrepresenting themselves. The most common concerns are […]

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Are There Any Guides to Help Me Succeed on HotRussianBrides?

Many gentlemen are unfamiliar with Russian dating and have no idea how to court Russian women or how to use an international dating service like HotRussianBrides. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for members to ask us for advice. Here are a few tools we’ve created to help gentlemen succeed. 


The Hot Russian Brides Blog

This blog is dedicated […]

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