Beer Houses, Breweries, Beer Museums in Russia & Ukraine

If you’re a fan of frothy brews, your trip to Russia or Ukraine would not be complete without a visit to any of the numerous beer houses, breweries and beer museums. Here are just a dozen of our favorites.


Baltika Brewery - St. Petersburg, Russia

  • Second largest brewery in Europe, after Heineken
  • Additional breweries in Yaroslavl, Tula, Voronezh, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Chelyabinsk, Krasnoyarsk, Khabarovsk and Novosibirsk
  • Tours include highlights of the company history, details about the production technology, and of course, beer tasting

Baltika Brewery


Ochakovo Brewery - Moscow, Krasnodar, Tyumen, and Penza, Russia

  • Created exclusively for the 1980 Summer Olympic Games in Moscow
  • Largest Russian producer of kvass, a low alcohol content beverage often flavored with various fruits, berries and herbs
  • Only natural ingredients and traditional brewing methods are used
  • Tours include a journey through the historical museum, fragrant workshops, and the tasting room

Ochakovo Brewery


Stepan Razin Brewery, St. Petersburg, Russia

  • Founded in 1795 by Abraham Friedrich Krohn, a German immigrant
  • A beer museum was added in 1995 to honor the 200th anniversary
  • The name refers to the famous 17th century Cossack rebel and pirate who became the hero of countless Russian folk songs and stories

Stepan Razin Brewery


Chuvashia Beer Museum, Cheboksary, Russia

  • Learn about the different brewing methods of local villages
  • Beautiful wooden bar with four beers on tap and 18 varieties in bottles
  • Knowledgeable waitresses describe each beer and serve good Russian food

Chuvashia Beer Museum


Obolon Brewery, Kyiv, Ukraine

  • Only Ukrainian brewery that makes their own malt
  • Home to the longest bottling lines in Europe
  • A deep artesian spring provides the water
  • Tours include an excursion through the entire brewing process followed by samples

Obolon Brewery


Slavutych Brewery, Kyiv and Zaporizhia, Ukraine

  • Kyiv brewery built in 2004; the most modern brewery in Ukraine
  • Brewing process uses the latest energy saving, health and environment protection technologies

Slavutych Brewery


Lvivska Brewery, Lviv, Ukraine

  • Founded by monks at the request of count Stanislav Pototskyi in 1715
  • Engages in charitable activity and aids city and region development
  • Houses the only Ukrainian brewing museum complete with beer tastings

Lvivske Brewery


Lustdorf Brewery, Odessa, Ukraine

  • Mini brewery inside Lustdorf Restaurant, German for "a merry village"
  • Brewing equipment located in full view of the dining area
  • Integrated tap system serves fresh craft brews right to the dining tables
  • Personal beer mugs available to take home as souvenirs

Lustdorf Brewery


Arena Beer House, Kyiv, Ukraine

  • Four-storied sports themed restaurant serving microbrews
  • The walls are covered are artwork and sports memorabilia
  • Intimate cabaret shows, crazy karaoke room, dance-until-dawn club

Arena Beer House


Beer Sommelier, Kyiv, Ukraine

  • Owned by the Kyiv Association of Independent Beer Lovers
  • Resembles traditional beer parlors of various countries
  • Decorated with international beer labels, coasters, bottle caps, aluminum cans, glasses, and more
  • Menu consists of classic dishes of Irish and German pubs

Beer Sommelier


Robert Doms Beer House, Lviv, Ukraine

  • Located three stories below the Lviv Brewery in the old storage cellars
  • Large portions of Ukrainian, Russian and German cuisine served on long picnic tables
  • Memorializes the love story of Swiss aristocrat Robert Doms and his Russian bride Zosia

Robert Doms Beer House


Beer Duma, Kyiv, Ukraine

  • Three-storied fine cuisine restaurant with its own brewery
  • Tours available by appointment
  • Eight big screen TVs, Free WiFi

Beer Duma