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Not a mail order bride Website, provides advanced communication tools, anti-scam validation and top-notch customer service that empower open-minded, eligible bachelors to try something new and different by virtually dating single Russian and Ukrainian women.


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I've seen one of your ladies listed as a scammer on another Website. Why is she still on yours?® is dedicated to facilitating genuine correspondence between Russian women and Western men. We pride ourselves on nurturing an atmosphere in which our members can experience the exhilaration and joy of finding true friendship.® strives to provide quality service to ALL of our members. We abide by the highest ethical standards and conduct ourselves in an honest, professional, and socially responsible manner. We believe that respect for our customers is the cornerstone of a productive and mutually fulfilling relationship.


We aim to seek out the finest Russian women, and excel at providing them with a variety of venues for corresponding with Western men of like mind and ambition. We maintain a "competitive edge" in our industry by continuing to introduce unique services and we remain devoted to satisfying our most important resource, YOU!