Protecting Yourself Against Russian Online Dating Scams

It is a fact that many men do not join International Dating Websites, especially Russian and Ukrainian sites, because of the bad reputation the sites have about being scams. is a US-based company that works with the most reputable and ethical Russian and Ukrainian Introduction Agencies with the hopes of connecting willing singles divided by geography. By providing video validation and live streaming video chat, has added additional safety layers for the gentlemen to validate the ladies and to show that the person that he is corresponding with is indeed a real woman. But there is still more to the equation.


What is an Introduction Agency?
An Introduction Agency is a Russian or Ukrainian-based business that offers the computers, Web cams and the location for Russian women to engage in online dating. The role of the agency is to ensure that the ladies are real, active and ethical. Further down the line, the agency (with the help of our Travel Concierge) will assist in setting up in-person meetings.


Understanding the Process
Once a lady has been accepted by an Introduction Agency, they create a profile on and upload videos and photos. Also, the girls will then reserve time on one of the many computers and begin to look for potential matches based on looks, personality or zodiac sign. At the same time, men join the site, browse the profiles and start flirting and sending emails. The only difference is that the men pay to correspond with the ladies and they do not. This is not an uncommon practice. Most Russian and Ukrainian women do not have the means to pay for Internet access on their own, so we make it easy for them to participate.


One Bad Girl Shouldn’t Spoil a Whole Website
Because has over 10,000 profiles from all types of Russian and Ukrainian women, we have just as many different personalities and intentions. Although we validate and educate the women, we can’t control what they do or say or what they are trying to get out of potential suitors. provides the tools to make transatlantic connections between like-minded people.  Here’s when you move on from a particular lady:

  • If they ask you for money
  • If you get multiple emails in a row
  • If she doesn’t reference anything on your profile in her email
  • If she says she can’t live without you after the first email

If you think a lady is trying to take advantage of you, please contact Customer Service and we will handle it. Trust your gut and move on if someone seems too good to be true.


Nothing is Guaranteed
There is a difference between getting scammed and getting your heart broken or being rejected. Even under the best of circumstances, most relationships don’t develop into something lasting. Just because you did not make a connection doesn’t mean that the site is a scam. Men need to understand that just provides the connection and doesn’t guarantee any type of match or meeting. It may take a few weeks or months to find the right person for you. Since every lady is on our site under their own volition, it is up to them if they want to meet you or pursue a serious relationship with you. You still need to have skills and court them.


Protect Yourself
To protect yourself, do not try to make a direct connection or offer any important personal information with any Russian woman before you have gotten to know them. You wouldn’t give your Social Security Number and Bank Account Number to a stranger, would you? Protecting your personal information is a top priority. helps protect you from being take advantage of by discouraging personal information to be shared early on in a relationship. Take your time, get to know your match and then submit an Intimacy Request when you are ready.


Have Questions? Talk to Our Web Hostess is committed to providing the most fulfilling experience for all involved. This is why we have a Web Hostess (in our offices) that is usually online during peak hours to answer any questions a visitor may have. We believe that good communication is crucial in making an online connection and we always strive to answer all questions and handle  all concerns.

Why Use provides advanced communication tools that empower open-minded, eligible bachelors to try something new and different by virtually dating single Russian and Ukrainian women. is not a mail order bride agency or an escort service, but a matchmaking service through which you can openly express your feelings without judgment. We connect bachelors with single Russian and Ukrainian women (many of which are very beautiful) that are hoping to meet someone new, exciting and different.  Whether or not it works for you depends on your approach, personality and dedication.  Just like in the physical dating world.