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10 Ladies New to HotRussianBrides.com

16. November 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

No plans for the weekend? Why not your spend time discovering the charms of Hot Russian Brides’ newest members? The 10 ladies below are newish to the site and are searching for men to chat and flirt with. Welcome the women to the adventure that is Russian dating! To find more new members, simply head over to HRB’s Advanced Search page and sort by “Most Recent.” Good luck!


SweetLady32, 32 y.o. Pharmacist from Dnepropetrovsk

FreeBreeze, 21 y.o. Hostess from Odessa

Tonia94, 18 y.o. Leo from Odessa

VikaSmile, 25 y.o. Lawyer from Kiev

DariaGirl, 23 y.o. Fitness Instructor from Odessa

Charmanuta, 19 y.o. Hairdress from Odessa

VersaceGirl, 31 y.o. Journalist from Dnepropetrovsk

RedAngel, 26 y.o. Manager from Zaporozhye

ClearBeauty, 23 y.o. Teacher from Golaya Pristan 

GoldGirl1, 27 y.o. Manager from Dnepropetrovsk