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3 False Assumptions Men Make About Russian Dating

25. June 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

The international dating industry is riddled with stereotypes and misconceptions, so it’s not surprising that many men aren’t sure what to expect. Here are three common, but false, assumptions men make about Russian dating and why these assumptions can ruin your search for a match.

Profile Photos Don’t Matter

For whatever reason, many men assume Russian women don’t check out the photos on a man’s profile or care about his appearance. This is of course false. Russian women are people like anyone else and want a partner they find attractive. As profile photos are the first thing a lady sees, it’s important to post pics that show you looking your best. You don’t have to be conventionally attractive to land a match, but if your photos are blurry, dark, unflattering, or non-existent you aren’t doing yourself any favors.

Manners Aren’t Important

Due to the semi-anonymous nature of online dating and unflattering stereotypes about Russian women and mail order brides, some men think conventional matters aren’t important on HRB. They are, however, quite mistaken. One of the top turn offs for Russian women is poor manners, so don’t forget to treat potential matches with courtesy and respect and remember basic courtesies like “please” and “thank you.” It might not seem like much, but the women of HRB certainly appreciate a man who minds his matters. 

Age Doesn’t Matter

While it’s true that many Russian women marry older men, members of HRB shouldn’t assume they can land a lady in any age group. Instead of focusing on age, try searching for women who share your hobbies, interests, goals, and values. This may lead you to a younger woman, or it may lead you to a lady your own age or older, but either way you’ll have things in common. Flirting and chatting with much younger women is fun, but don’t forget that it takes more than youth and beauty to build a solid, long-lasting relationship.

In short, if it isn’t true about traditional dating sites it probably isn’t true of Russian dating sites. Russian women, like women around the world, hope to meet men who are attractive, charming, and polite. Try not to make any assumptions about HRB and the ladies who use our service simply because they're foreign.