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10 More Behaviors That Turn Russian Women Off

15. October 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

Two weeks ago, we shared the top 10 turn offs for Russian women as determined by a recent survey conducted by HotRussianBrides.com. While those turn offs made the top of the list, they are by no means the only behaviors to avoid. Below you will find 10 more traits that Russian women can’t stand, along with tips and advice to keep you from turning the lovely ladies off. As before, keep these turn offs in mind when interacting with the women on HotRussianBrides.com and you may just see better results.

Men Who Use Bad Language
No woman likes a man with a dirty mouth. Watch what you say (and write) when chatting on HotRussianBrides. This is true for video chat, live chat, and email. While the occasional slipup won’t send a lady running for the hills, try to make an effort to keep it clean.

Close-Minded Men
It’s very important to keep an open mind when conversing with someone from another country. Due to differences in cultures, you and the ladies on HotRussianBrides are bound to have different views of the world, and that’s okay. Just be sure to respect her opinions, even if they clash with your own. While there is nothing wrong with a little spirited debate, disrespecting a woman’s beliefs or implying that your country and culture is superior to hers will only make you seem like a pompous jerk.

No one likes a stubborn person. Men (and women) who unreasonably cling to a rigid point of view risk being seen as irritating know-it-alls, so make an effort to keep an open mind. Remember, it’s okay to listen to other points of views and to change your mind when necessary.

Uneducated Men
Just as education is a turn on for Russian women, men who are uneducated turn Russian women off. While you don’t have hold a Ph.D., or even a college degree to keep a woman’s interest, a basic knowledge of history, geography, and current events will take you far. 

Men with a Poor Sense of Humor
As we mentioned in a recent article, a sense of humor is the number one turn on for Russian women. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that men with a poor sense of humor aren’t going to win any fans. When chatting with a lady, try to tell a joke or share a funny story, listen appreciatively when she does the same, and laugh at yourself if you say something silly or make a mistake. Men who take life too seriously are simply no fun.

Lack of Goals
Russian women like men with goals and ambition, not someone who is content to sit at home while life passes them by. While you don’t have to aspire to be an astronaut or the next U.S. president, it helps to have some sort of plan for your life and your career. Share your hopes and dreams with a special lady and she’ll see you for the intelligent, ambitious man that you are.

Poor Communicators
It’s a fact that women like men who are good communicators. When chatting with a Russian lady, no matter what the medium, try to state your ideas clearly and simply so as to avoid any confusion. Use complete sentences, along with proper grammar and punctuation. Men who mumble unintelligibly in video chats or who compose grammar-challenged messages risk being brushed off and misunderstood.

Anti-Social Behavior
While it may seem obvious, avoid any anti-social behavior when chatting with a Russian woman. Name calling, threats, and other hostilities are all big no-nos. Sometimes extreme shyness can be mistaken for anti-social behavior so make an effort to be friendly.

No woman wants to feel as if she’s dating her younger brother, so be sure to behave like a mature adult. Immature behavior can include telling off-color jokes, complaining when you don’t get your way, shirking responsibility, behaving crudely, etc. Don’t treat a lady the way you would your male friends.

Lack of Confidence
Women like confident men, so don’t be afraid to let your personality shine. Smile, make eye contact, share your thoughts and ideas. Men who have a low opinion of themselves are not likely to attract others. If you don’t have confidence, fake it until it feels natural. Remember, everyone has something to offer so never feel like you’re not good enough to snag a hot Russian bride.

Now that you know what turns Russian women off, why not log onto HotRussianBrides.com and put your knowledge to the test?


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