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10 Stereotypes of Men Who Search for Mail Order Brides

5. March 2013 by Masha 0 Comments

Nearly every group of people gets stereotyped in some way. While stereotypes are often negative, they can provide some insight and perhaps even reminders of how NOT to present yourself.


For example, a common stereotype about Russian women looking for love online is that they aren't serious about finding husbands; they just want to receive gifts and money.


This hurtful assumption may remind ladies to be more mindful during online conversations. They may not mean to hint for such things during chats and can be more careful about what they type. 


If you don't want to be characterized as "a typical MOB'er" (MOB = mail order bride), be mindful of these stereotypes. 


  1. He thinks Russian and Ukrainian women are "the be all and end all." 
  2. He puts down women from his own country.
  3. He falls in love with Russian women's photos, before ever meeting them in person.
  4. He flaunts his wealth through photos and online chats.
  5. He sends Ukrainian girls cash money.
  6. He thinks he can just fly into Russia or Ukraine and find a wife with ease.
  7. He's embarrassed about meeting Russian women online.
  8. He becomes so obsessed with finding a Russian wife online that he neglects other aspects of his life.
  9. He uses his Russian vacation only for wife hunting, refusing to take in the sights and culture.
  10. He lies about how many women he's dating and gets jealous at girls who chat with multiple men.
It's wonderful to be in love with women of the Former Soviet Union. Men who have the opportunity to meet them online, and eventually in person, are extremely fortunate. However, it can be easy to get caught up in their beauty and mystique, causing men to behave in some of these stereotypical ways. 


Try to treat Russian dating just like you would any other type of long distance internet dating. Plenty of men have met their matches on HotRussianBrides.com and you can too!