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10 Traits Russian Women Want in a Man

8. August 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Hot Russian brides aren't shy when it comes to describing their ideal husbands. Many of these ladies are very romantic and have been dreaming of finding their soul mates ever since they can remember.


Hundreds of Ukrainian women told HotRussianBrides.com the exact qualities that really turn them on. Here are the top 10.


A Great Smile

Make sure to include at least one profile photo with a smile that shows you are a cheerful, fun-loving guy who enjoys life!


Clean and Well-Groomed

It may seem simple but a shower, clean clothing, a fresh shave, and a little cologne go a long way in attracting a Russian woman.



While it's okay to share your concerns with a lady, try not to dwell on negative topics. No one likes a pessimist.



Russian women often say they want real, strong men, but that doesn't mean you can't be sensitive too. Make an effort to share your feelings and express your affection.



Giving compliments, sending gifts, showing respect, listening, and comforting are just a few ways gentlemen can demonstrate kindness.



Everyone has something to offer so never think you're not good enough to get a hot woman. Let your personality shine!



Basic knowledge of history, geography, and current events is a good start toward impressing a Russian lady, whether or not you have a college degree. Learning about her country and culture is a bonus.



Show respect by acknowledging her ideas and opinions, even if they are complete opposite of your own. Also, forget foul language and never pressure a woman to do something she doesn't want to do.


Good Manners

Ladies love gentlemen so open the door, pull out her chair, carry her bags, and remember pleasantries like please and thank you.


A Good Sense of Humor

This is what turns Russian girls on the most so try to tell a joke or share a funny story.


While you don't necessarily need to possess all 10 of these traits, the more you have, the better. Keep this list handy while corresponding with Russian women, whether online or in person!