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11 Days 'Till Christmas: Bomshell Sends Her Holiday Wishes

14. December 2011 by Admin 0 Comments

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We are counting down the days until Christmas! To get you in the holiday spirit, we have asked some of our ladies to share their thoughts and wishes for this holiday season. First up is the beautiful Bomshell. Enjoy!


What does Christmas mean to you?
Christmas for my family, first and foremost, is that it is a bright cheerful holiday focused on family. My family is religious, so Christmas is a long-awaited special day for all of us.


How/where are you celebrating Christmas this year?
Christmas this year, as in previous ones, is celebrated at home with family. We collect all our loved ones together at the big table.


What is your favorite Christmas time tradition?
Since amost of our family members are working, it’s always a challenge to get together. But it is mandatory to attend for Christmas and Grandma's birthday. Therefore, we all prepare well in advance for such an event as Christmas! We usually gather together and discuss all the family news and events. These family times "show the right path" for the younger generation to carry on. We have a tasty meal and, of course, drink some green tea with Granny’s super delicious homemade blueberry pie. Granny’s pie is a family tradition for Christmas. The tea we enjoy is presented on the tea set that belonged to my great-grandmother. This tea set has been passed through generations and is a special family heirloom.


What is your favorite holiday food? Do you do the cooking?
I know how to cook well and at Christmas I bake a napoleon cake (my grandmother’s recipe). I also prepare the various salads and the roast. But Dad cooks the duck, which he does particularly well. And of course each family member tries to bring a signature dish too. It’s Christmas after all!


Do you have a special Christmas memory from your childhood?
My most unforgettable memories of childhood, oh yes, this would be gift from my Grandmother. When I was four years old, my grandmother bought all the grandchildren gifts, and in the solemn moment of giving it to me, and being a 4 year old kid, I didn’t like my gift. It was a painted picture of two parrots on it, well, why would I like it? So my grandma had to go buy a real parrot, named Kesha. But in general, my brother, sister and I are still touched by her because she still gives us sweet gifts that have remained unchanged over the years - a small bag of sweet tangerines and dark chocolate bars, such as “Korona” or “Alenka”. It's so nice, especially considering the fact that I do not even like dark chocolate. But this has been the tradition for my 23 years. Also the fact that we are all grown up but still receive these thoughtful gifts- the oldest is 35, my sister is 30, and I’m 23 and my brother 21. But for parents and grandparents, they want us to stay kids forever.


What do you want Santa Claus/Ded Moroz to bring you this year?
Well, of course, I'm waiting for "Grandma's gift” of tangerines and dark chocolate. I also wish for all my relatives to be alive and healthy!


What would you like to know about Santa Claus?
Well, I know that Santa certainly exists! His gift for me depends on whether I behaved well this year. So Santa: I would like to know in advance: how have I behaved this year? And, well, another thing - Is it true that the reindeer and husky dogs carrying your sleigh?