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17 Quick Tips for Travel to Ukraine

30. April 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

Ready to consider traveling to Ukraine to take in the sights and meet a lovely lady? We've assembled some of the best tips for trips to Ukraine from actual travelers:


Before You Go

  • Research with the Ukraine Consulate before you go. You can find out about current advisories, document requirements and other details. 
  • Register your trip with the US State Department’s STEP program. This is a quick way to get information about the area automatically sent to you. 
  • Call your credit card company before you go to let them know you are traveling internationally. Otherwise, they might suspect fraud and freeze your account.
  • Memorize the Cyrillic alphabet before you go. Even if you don’t speak any Russian or Ukrainian, you’ll be able to sound out many signs, menus and more.
  • Most Ukrainians also speak Russian; if you are going to learn a few phrases of the language, go for Russian.
  • Learn phrases that are handy in travel.


Culture in Ukraine

  • Bring a small gift when visiting someone in their home. Chocolates, imported liquor or flowers are all good choices.
  • Take off your shoes when entering someone’s home. Slippers will usually be offered.
  • Accept food and drink when offered. Your host may find it rude if you do not.
  • But, don’t feel that you must accept second or third servings. In Ukraine, hosts typically keep offering food until their guest refuses. This way, they know that their hospitality has been adequate.
  • Don’t feel offended if strangers don’t smile at you. Ukrainians are often more reserved than Americans in this regard.


Out and About

  • In most cities, you will be able to get cash from ATMs. This is often the best way to get the best conversion rate.
  • Dress as Ukrainians do. While shorts and t-shirts are fine if you are visiting the beaches, nice slacks and a button-up shirt are more appropriate in the city.
  • Avoid walking alone late at night. Taxis are inexpensive. As with any other part of the world, exercise common sense.
  • Keep some change on-hand for public toilets. Many outside the large cities require a fee to use them.
  • If you are adventurous and thrifty, consider going with an apartment rental agency over a Western-style hotel. Hotels are usually far more expensive in Ukraine.
  • Tip servers in restaurants. A usual tip in most of Ukraine ranges from 10 to 20%.


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Photo: sxc.hu user Kolobsek