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2 Days 'Till Christmas: Sunshinevika Warms Your Heart

23. December 2011 by Admin 0 Comments

2 days and the magic of Christmas will be upon us! Visit the Christmas interview of SunshineVika and see what she has planned for this very merry holiday!


What do you want Santa Claus/Dyet Moroz to bring you this year?
I would like to receive from Santa Claus something memorable, unusual and romantic.

I want him to send my future husband to me – and since his reindeer can fly – he can whisk him to me soon, of course after he has delivered all his gifts. I don’t mind waiting for something important like that!


Do you have a special Christmas memory from your childhood?
Yes, my memories are filled with a warm, cozy, family atmosphere in our apartment. I can see in my mind the beautifully dressed Christmas tree and feel the love of my family too.

Do you notice how everything seems exciting this time of the year? Whether you are a child or grown, there is something magical in the air.


What would you like to know about Santa Claus?
I want to know some things everyone is curious about - like where he lives. I would like to visit Santa and bring him a gift this time. And Santa, do you make your toys all year round?


What is your favorite holiday food? Do you do the cooking?
I love to cook! And I cook very well! My favorite dish at Christmas is "Kutya." This is a Slavic dish, which was adopted to prepare for Christmas. Shall I make some for you next Christmas?


What does Christmas mean to you?
The celebration of Christmas means to me creating a cozy warm atmosphere, respecting the spirit of something holy. Christmas should be about the family coming together for this special holiday.

I will celebrate with my family this year at home. Then we will go visit relatives and share presents and tasty food. I cannot wait for Christmas!! Hurry up Santa Claus! We are waiting for you!