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2 Million Euros in Romanov Jewels Surface in Sweden

28. August 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

Romanov Jewels

A collection of jewels worth 2 million euros ($2.9 million), most of which belonged to the last Russian tsar's family, have surfaced in the Swedish Foreign Ministry's storage rooms, Swedish radio reported on Friday.


The jewels that belonged to the Romanovs were handed over to the Swedish embassy in St. Petersburg for safekeeping after the 1917 Bolshevik revolution, Ekot radio station said. They were found while storage items were being moved, the report said.


The collection includes around 60 gold and silver cigarette cases and cuff links, and jewels made by Faberge and the Bolin family, who were court jewelers to five Russian tsars and three Swedish kings, Ekot said.


"We have discovered a large quantity of jewels which were brought to what was known as the Swedish mission in Petrograd [now St. Petersburg] in November 1918 by a confidant of Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna," professor Krister Valbek, who studied the items, told the radio station.


The grand duchess died in France without telling her family about the jewelry taken to Sweden.


The jewels were kept in Sweden for about 90 years. Swedish authorities had made no mention of them earlier for security reasons, and wary over harming relations with the Soviet Union. The jewels have been handed over to members of the Romanov family. Some of them will be auctioned off at Sotheby's in London this fall.


Russia's last tsar, Nicholas II, along with his family and several servants were shot dead by the Bolsheviks in the Urals in 1918. The Romanovs were canonized in Russia in 2000, and are buried in St. Petersburg's Peter and Paul Cathedral.


Source: RIA Novosti