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3 Common Things That Can Derail Your Russian Dating Experience

17. May 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Having no luck finding a special lady on HRB? Perhaps your problem lies with one these three common issues.


Bitterness is a big turn off, but many men aren’t aware when they’re being bitter. Are you cynical about women and dating? Are you still angry about past disappointments? Do you brood over every slight, real or imagined? Then you might be bitter. While it’s natural to be upset about past heartbreaks, being overly angry and negative can ruin your chances of finding love in the future.


Many singles feel insecure about their lack of a partner, and this insecurity can manifest itself in unfortunate ways. Perhaps you’re impressed with a particular lady but don’t reach out because you’re sure she’d never want a guy like you. Or maybe you’re convinced that HRB will never work, so you’re only giving Russian dating a half-hearted attempt. Everyone feels down from time to time, but it’s important to try and remain upbeat and confident.

Unrealistic Expectations

Thanks to the myths that swirl around the international dating industry, many men come to HRB with unrealistic expectations. Some men think they can forgo conventional methods of courtship, while others are certain they can have their pick of any lady on the site. Some fellows even believe the ladies of HRB are for sale. Despite common stereotypes, Hot Russian Brides is simply a niche form of online dating, rather than a quick and easy way to land a beautiful bride.

Russian dating can be tough at times. Don’t make it tougher by succumbing to bitterness, insecurity, or flawed thinking about Russian women and international dating.