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3 Common Mail Order Bride Misconceptions

14. March 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

HotRussianBrides.com strives to inform new members that this is not a mail order bride service where you can buy a bride and have her shipped to your door. It's slightly surprising that men think that archaic way of finding a wife still exists! However, since that old term is still used to describe women who search online for husbands, many other myths and stereotypes still surround the Russian dating industry.


Do you believe these common misconceptions?


Russian Brides are Employed by Dating Sites

Since some ladies seem to be online all the time, or at certain times of the day, it may appear that they are working a shift. This assumption is completely false. The ladies affirm that they are not receiving any compensation for their participation on the site. They are not forced to join or remain a member and can leave at any time.


Young Russian Girls Aren't Serious About Marriage

Some men don’t understand how 18 year old Russian girls can be serious about settling down at such a young age. They think the ladies are chatting online just for the social aspect, with no intentions of starting romantic relationships. The truth is that marriage and family are top priorities in Russian and Ukrainian cultures so ladies are eager to find partners and wed young. As with any type of dating, significant age differences can be challenging but it’s commonly seen with multicultural couples.


Ukrainian Women are Desperate to Leave Their Country

Mail order brides seem to be synonymous with citizenship. Many people think these ladies are looking for husbands abroad so they can escape their horrible lives and gain citizenship somewhere else. Actually, since most have active social lives with friends and family, in addition to professional or academic careers, these girls give up a lot when they choose to move away. The stories about Russian brides who marry abroad, only to divorce 2 years later once they’ve received citizenship are very few and far between.


These are only just a few of the most common misconceptions about Russian and Ukrainian women who search for their soul mates online. While they may still be referred to as “mail order brides”, this term is actually derogatory and offensive to the ladies. Look past the stereotypes and get to know them for who they really are!