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3 Common Myths About International Dating

5. May 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Men who wish to find love on an international dating website must have realistic expectations. Unfortunately, the international dating world is full of myths and many men aren't sure what to believe or what to expect. Below are 3 common myths about the Russian dating industry and why men shouldn’t buy into them.


Myth #1: Foreign Brides Are Submissive

A few men are excited by the prospect of a Russian bride because they believe Russian brides are submissive and eager to please. While some ladies may meet this description, it is not the norm and a gentleman should never expect meek or subservient behavior. Successful relationships are built on mutual respect and understanding. Men who do not agree with this principle will not have much luck on our site. 


Myth #2: Nearly All Russian Women Want to Marry Foreigners

Many gentlemen assume the ladies of Russia and Ukraine live in crippling poverty and can’t wait to be rescued by a foreign man. However, this is not the reality. It is true that Russians earn significantly less money than their Western counterparts, but they also have fewer expenses and value time with their family and friends. Russian women aren’t dying to marry any foreigner who asks. Gentlemen must still court them the old fashioned way.   


Myth #3: Bringing Home a Foreign Bride is Simple

Bringing home a foreign bride is an expensive and complicated process. Despite what some may think, immigrating to another country is much more than buying a plane ticket and filling out a couple of forms. There are Visas to obtain, paperwork to file, interviews to complete, and fees to pay. A couple must be truly devoted to one another to successfully complete the trying immigration process, and men should be aware of these challenges before pursuing a foreign bride.

Russian women are not meek and submissive, they are not dying to marry a foreigner, and they cannot easily immigrate to another country for the sake of marriage. Men who know the truth about Russian women and Russian dating have a much higher rate of success on HotRussianBrides.com than those who base their expectations on the standard myths.