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3 Common Rumors About Russian Dating Sites (And Why They’re Wrong)

18. November 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

Though many gentlemen are intrigued by Russian dating, several shy away from services like HotRussianBrides.com. The objections are often the same. The men believe the women are fake, that Russian dating sites are a scam, and that would-be suitors are throwing their money away. So is there reason for concern? Not with HotRussianBrides!


Russian Dating Services Are a Scam

Many men are certain that services like HotRussianBrides are a scam. Some insist that we pay beautiful women to create profiles and chat with customers, while others believe the women in the pictures are professional models who have nothing to do with our service. Such statements are natural, especially in light of the prevalent horror stories about Russian dating scam sites, but they are not always accurate.


While we can’t speak for all Russian dating websites, HotRussianBrides has never paid women to use our service and we never will. In fact, we prohibit our ladies from requesting money or accepting gifts and we will remove any women who do so. As for the women being professional models, some ladies do work in this profession, but the women in the pictures are the same women who chat with customers and they are all single ladies looking for love. Our live video streaming service proves that we are not a Russian scam site!


Russian Dating Sites Are Expensive

It’s true. Russian dating sites can be expensive. But then, so is traditional dating. While men may not pay to talk to ladies offline, they often pay for dinners, movies, drinks, flowers, and so on. Face-to-face dating costs can really add up and some gentlemen spend as much, if not more, on traditional dates than they would on a Russian dating service.


HotRussianBrides offers a variety of membership levels to better serve our customers. In addition, our stellar customer service team is available seven days a week to answer questions and address member concerns (something most Russian dating sites can’t or won’t offer). Gentlemen can also view helpful resources like our company blog and Russian dating Ebook absolutely free. We work hard to give our customers the best value for their money. 


The Women on Russian Dating Sites Are Scammers

Many people believe that women on Russian dating sites are looking for a green card, not love, and that they will do anything to leave their home country. While this may be true of some women, the vast majority of ladies on HotRussianBrides need a more compelling reason to uproot their lives.


Believe it or not, Russia has improved immensely since the collapse of the Soviet Union and many ladies lead happy, productive lives. They are reluctant to give up their family and friends and love is often the only thing that can lure them away. In addition, HotRussianBrides takes great pains to ensure all of the ladies on our site are sincere in their quest for love. If a customer suspects a lady of ulterior motives, we will investigate the matter and remove the lady from our site if necessary. We do not allow Russian scammers! Several gentlemen have found love through our service and we hope to make many more matches in the future.

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