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3 Common Relationship Killers

24. June 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Do you want to establish a happy and healthy relationship with a woman on HotRussianBrides.com? Then be sure to avoid the 3 common relationship killers listed below. 



Some men grow jealous at the thought of their Russian lady interacting with other men. They may pressure her to stop chatting with other members or badger her with questions about why she wasn’t available to chat a certain time. Often jealous feelings cause a normally reasonable man to grow angry and controlling, and needless to say this behavior is not conducive to a healthy relationship.



Negativity takes many forms and can slowly poison a promising relationship. Too many men depress their ladies with devastating tales of divorce, financial ruin, and personal tragedy. Though these topics are certain to come up eventually, avoid tales of woe at the beginning of a relationship. Other men frequently disparage HotRussianBrides or the Russian dating industry, making the ladies wonder why the men are even here. Though you may be skeptical, try to keep the negativity to a minimum, especially at first.   



A selfish suitor is one who is consumed with his own feelings and desires and gives little thought to how a lady might feel. He wants the lady to answer emails and respond to chats on his schedule and commit to a relationship when he is ready. Women, Russian or otherwise, resent selfish behavior and a healthy relationship is impossible if one person is oblivious or simply doesn’t care about the wants of needs of their partner.

What kills a relationship quickly and effectively? Jealousy, negativity, and selfishness. Though everyone is guilty of such behavior at one time or another, the key is to harness negative emotions and not let them destroy a promising relationship.