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3 Don'ts When Emailing Ukrainian Women

4. January 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

Hot Russian bride EsmeralldaEmail is a great way to contact many Russian brides quickly and easily. However, some guys get in a groove of sending message after message that they neglect some simple rules to help insure more replies.


Here are a few things to remember when emailing hot Russian brides online.


Don't Tell Your Life Story

While you may consider yourself an open book, eager to share every detail about your life, it's smarter to save some for followup emails. Start with a few short sentences describing yourself, why you contacted her, and ask about some things you’d like to know about her.


Don't Interrogate Her

Most gentlemen wonder why beautiful, single, charming Russian women have to look for love online. Due to stereotypes and rumors, some men worry about scammers and sadly share their concerns over emails. Everyone has fears about online dating but questioning her intentions in an introduction email will only offend her.


Don't Propose

While it may sound ridiculous, some gentlemen have asked for lady's hand in marriage in the first email! Whether they are just super eager for a Russian bride or they think it will get them more attention, this is rarely a good idea. Even if you've been dating for many months, in person proposals are best.


It's okay to send a followup email if a lady hasn't responded to your introduction email after a few days. But remember, some ladies aren't able to access the internet as often as others. There are thousands of remarkable women on HotRussianBrides.com so start searching for your perfect match!