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3 Fears Russian Women Have About International Dating

27. September 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Thanks to the prevalent, unflattering myths about Russian women and Russian dating, some gentlemen become preoccupied with the perceived risks they face when using a site like HotRussianBrides.com and fail to consider the worries and fears of the ladies. While this is a common reaction, it is an unfortunate one.

Gentlemen who know and understand the common fears Russian women have about international dating tend to better understand the ladies’ thoughts and feelings and are more likely to avoid misunderstandings that can damage or destroy a relationship. Here are 3 common fears Russian women have about online dating and how a gentleman should address these concerns.


She’ll Fall for a Guy She’ll Never Meet

The majority of men on Russian dating sites will never set foot in Russia or the Ukraine. The gentlemen don’t necessarily intend never to visit, however busy schedules and limited finances prevent them from making the big trip. The ladies know this and are therefore hesitant to become serious about a man until they meet him in person. Some gentlemen become upset when they learn that a lady they like is communicating with other men, and some may think she is “not serious” or a scammer. However, it’s more likely that the lady is afraid to commit to a man she has never met and wants to keep her options open. A gentleman should be patient with a lady and understand that a visit is often necessary before she’ll feel comfortable enough to commit to an exclusive relationship.


She’ll Fall for a Creep

Almost every gentleman has heard horror stories about devious Russian women who took advantage of unsuspecting men. However, the Russian ladies also hear disturbing tales about women who were hurt and abused by their Western husbands. The women know that they will be solely dependent on their husbands once they arrive in a new country and fears about abuse, sexual slavery, a husband’s instability, etc. are bound to enter their minds. However, a gentleman shouldn’t be offended by these concerns as they are not a reflection on him. If a man consistently treats his lady with love and respect, these concerns are bound to fade over time.


She’ll Fall for a Liar

Though the women on Russian dating sites are regularly accused of posting false photos or inaccurate information in their profiles, plenty of Western men do this very thing. Several women have burned by men who were 10 or more years older than they claimed, were married, or looked completely different in person than they did in their photos. The ladies are therefore skeptical at times and may hold back their feelings until they are sure a man is who he says he is (much like the men do with the ladies). That’s why it’s important that men on HotRussianBrides always be honest in their profile. Sooner or later the truth will come out.

Russian women have hopes and fears about Russian dating just like Western men do. Gentlemen who take the time to look at the international dating experience from a lady’s perspective, rather than just their own, better understand the ladies and are more likely to have a successful experience as a result.