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3 Flirting Tips for Chat with Russian Ladies

2. December 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

Flirting with women in person can be different than flirting with women online, but there are some common and simple ways to show your attraction and receive favorable response. By implementing these 3 methods in your emails and chats, you will make your Russian and Ukrainian women very happy and maybe even encourage them to chat with you more.


Use her name a lot

By using her name frequently when chatting, you give the conversation a more personal feel and show that you are remaining interesting in her. Russian women are proud of their names and even celebrate their “name days” as much as their birthdays. You could also refer to her by a cute nickname that will really make her smile.


Give her compliments

All women love to receive attention and be noticed. Tell her which of her photos is your favorite and why. If you are chatting via live video, try to notice if she’s styled her hair differently or is wearing an exceptional outfit. By noticing and complimenting her on these things, she will feel happy and know you are interested.


Ask about her interests

Read her profile to learn about her and her interests and then talk about it. Ask why she loves the things she does and what types of art, music, sports, etc. are her favorites. Learn why she chose her studies or her profession. Discovering more about her makes her feel appreciated, and will also help you find commonalities that are essential for a successful relationship.


Try using these flirting tips with your Russian and Ukrainian ladies to help make a good impression and further your chats. Dating women online is different, but by using some traditional techniques like these, you can make this experience an enjoyable and fulfilling way to find your future wife.