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3 Issues to Discuss With a Russian Bride-to-be

29. March 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Are things growing serious between you and a special woman? Congratulations! You’re well on the way to finding a Russian bride. Before popping the question, however, be sure to discuss these important issues.


Marriage, Family Hopes

If things appear to be growing serious between you and a special lady it may be time to broach the subject of marriage and children. When does she hope to be married? Does she want children? If she already has a child or two, does she want more? Most importantly, do her goals align with your own? If you and a special lady have wildly different plans it may be time to compromise or re-evaluate the future of your relationship.


Career Goals, Plans

A common assumption about Russian women is that they all wish to be happy homemakers. While this is the case for many ladies, it’s certainly not true of them all and gentlemen should ask a special woman about her career hopes and dreams rather than make assumptions. Some questions to consider are: Does she wish to finish her education before getting married? Would she like to work in a certain field? Would she prefer to tend to the home should finances allow?


Faith, Religion

Yes, gentlemen can search for women of a certain faith. However, as some people are more devout than others it’s important to discuss faith with a prospective spouse. This is especially true if religion is an important part of your life or if you aren’t religious at all. A few questions to consider are: Does she attend church on a regular basis? Do you wish for your future wife to attend (or not attend) church regularly? If the two of you come from different religious backgrounds how would this affect your relationship? Interfaith relationships can work, but not without open and honest communciation and a general consensus on how to handle religious matters.

Marriage and family plans, career goals, and faith are all issues that are dear to many people. Therefore, it’s important to communicate with your Russian lady to ensure to two of you are on the same page.