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3 Lessons in Long Distance Love

31. May 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

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Did you know that there are nearly 4 million singles (and 3 million married couples) who are currently in long distance romantic relationships worldwide? This rapidly increasing count includes many cross-cultural couples as well, thanks to internet dating.  


Long distance love should not be taken lightly, as making these types of relationships work can be challenging. Experts suggest learning these lessons to help make your love last until you can be by the side of your Russian bride


Supportive Social Network 

While one way to feel closer to your favorite lady is by spending lots of time chatting together online, it's important to maintain an independent social life. Continue to do things you enjoy and pursue interests you want to develop. A supportive, social network can contribute to a healthier well being, which will show in your relationship.


Discussing Expectations

One half of a long distance romance can sometimes feel like they are putting more effort into keeping the relationship going. Rather than wonder or worry, just talk about it so you can determine your levels of commitment. Discussing expectations can help minimize emotional hurt and disappointment, while helping you feel more connected. 


Creative Communication

We've all heard that communication is key to successful relationships, but it's also important to keep it fresh and new. Come up with different ways to say things, such as through song, poem, or even picture. Whether you include lyrics in an instant message, or attach photos of artwork to an email, creative communication will surprise her and keep her interested.


While long distance dating can be difficult, there are millions of couples making it work and making it worthwhile. Since you may have to try a little harder at the beginning, your bond will be stronger by the time you can be together.


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