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3 Methods for Meeting a Match

5. November 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

How do you go about looking for love on HotRussianBrides? Do you pursue the ladies? Do you respond to ladies who pursue you? A little of both? Here are 3 common methods of meeting a match on HotRussianBrides and the pros and cons of each one.



When it comes to meeting a match on HotRussianBrides, many gentlemen prefer the traditional “chase method.” These members prefer pursuing the ladies, rather than waiting for the ladies to pursue them, and may even dislike it when a lady sends an unsolicited email or chat request.


Pros to the chase method? It offers gentlemen more control and many ladies are used to this traditional method of approach. Cons? The chances of rejection are higher, as a gentleman can’t be sure a lady will return his interest, and a man may get stuck in the habit of pursuing women who are aren’t a good match. 


Be Chased

Other members of HotRussianBrides prefer to let the ladies chase them, even men who normally do the pursuing elsewhere. Studies have shown that women on domestic dating websites typically receive more email than they can handle, but the reverse is true on HotRussianBrides. This basic fact has caused many men to switch techniques.


The pros of being chased? A gentleman may meet, and fall in love with, a lady he wouldn’t normally consider. When left to initiate contact on their own, many singles get into the habit of pursuing a certain type of woman, even if that type is not a good match. The chance of rejection is also lower as a gentleman can be reasonably sure a woman is interested as she is the one who initiated contact. The cons? Many men feel obligated and/or are tempted to respond to every woman who contacts them and this distraction can get in the way of finding The One by causing a gentleman to lose focus.


Chase AND Be Chased

Some gentlemen want the best of both worlds. They want to be chased by beautiful women AND initiate contact with lovely ladies on HotRussianBrides. What could be better?

A pro to this method is that it exposes gentlemen to a larger number of women than the chase or be chased methods, but this can also be a con as gentlemen may feel overwhelmed and distracted by all of the correspondence. However, many gentlemen believe the potential reward is worth the extra time and effort. 

Which method is best? There’s no definite answer to that question, it depends on the men and women involved. However, understanding the value and limitations of each method can help you have a better experience on HotRussianBrides and improve your chances of finding a Russian bride.