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3 (More) Silly Things People Say About Russian Dating Sites

12. November 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

People say a lot of wacky things about Russian dating and Hot Russian Brides. However, most of the time, they’re merely repeating a myth instead of speaking from their own experience. In July, we wrote about four silly things people say about Russian dating sites. Here are three more…

“Russian women are prostitutes.”
Some people think HRB is nothing more than a fancy escort service specializing in long-term companions. We’re not. The ladies on our site cannot be bought in any way, shape, or form, and men who expect to buy a bride will be very disappointed. Despite what myths suggest, Russian dating sites do not offer women for sale. The ladies of HRB are looking for love and companionship, not a John.

“The women on Russian dating sites have connections to the mob.”
Another commonly-touted myth is that the women on Russian dating sites have mob connections. However, this belief just isn’t accurate. While the Russian mafia certainly exists, they don’t rule over HRB or the women searching for love on our site. Saying all single Russian women are working for the mob would be like saying all single women in New Jersey or New York have ties to the mafia. They don’t.

“The women on Russian dating sites hate Russian men.”
Another common myth is that Russian men are abusive alcoholics who beat their wives and have tons of mistresses. Thus, the women flock to international dating sites. However, this just isn’t true. While domestic abuse and infidelity can be a problem, the same issues exist in Western countries, and it’s unfair to paint Russian men as violent wife beaters who are incapable of forming a healthy relationship.

Beware of dramatic myths and over-the-top stereotypes. While Russian dating isn’t perfect, it’s far from the seedy underworld that many people imagine. A short time on HRB is usually enough to dispel the rumors. Join now to see for yourself.