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3 Online Dating Green Flags Russian Women Look For

27. September 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

While Russian women are wary of men who have one or more troubling qualities, or red flags, the ladies aren’t always looking for something bad. Here are 3 positive qualities, or green flags, that the ladies love to find in a man. 


A Life

Well-rounded men with outside interests and an active social life (offline) are generally more attractive than men with few friends and/or those who rarely leave the house. While it may be tempting to spend all of your time online, searching for the perfect Russian woman or participating on various forums, it isn’t healthy and it may even harm your chances of finding the right lady. Continue to pursue your outside passions and hobbies and don’t stop going out with your family or friends just because you’ve found a special lady online. Not only is it better for you both physically and mentally, but it will give you something else to chat about with your lady and help make your time together that much more special. 


A Genuine Interest In Her

Unfortunately, many men on Russian dating websites focus only on themselves and what they expect to get out of a Russian dating relationship. The general preoccupation with scammers only worsens the problem. That’s why men who show a genuine interest in a lady’s thoughts and feelings are so popular with Russian women. It may seem obvious, but a gentleman should always remember that the Russian dating experience isn’t just about him and make an effort to consider a lady’s thoughts, feelings, and motivations every step of the way.


A Good Relationship With Your Ex, Family

Everyone has a family member they just can’t stand or an ex they want nothing to do with. However, not everyone handles disagreements the same way. A man who trashes an ex or a family member online (especially to someone he doesn’t know well) may make a lady wonder if he is unstable or difficult to deal with. It will also make her wonder if he’ll say the same things about her should the relationship fail. Men who have a good, or at least civil, relationship with their ex-wives or a difficult sibling are more attractive than those who air their dirty laundry online.

Russian women are attracted to men who have a life outside of HotRussianBrides, those who show a genuine interest in the ladies they court, and gentlemen who have a decent relationship with exes and/or difficult family members. These 3 simple things can greatly improve your chances of success on HotRussianBrides.com.