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3 Profile Photo Donts

4. December 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

Your profile photo is one of the first things a Russian lady sees so it’s important that you make a good impression. Here’s what NOT to do when selecting a photo for your HotRussianBrides profile.


Don’t Post an Unflattering Photo

Dirty, unkempt men attract no one.  In fact, a dirty appearance is one of the top 5 turn offs for Russian women. Therefore, posting a photo of you in your rumpled pajamas or one showcasing your scraggly facial hair is not a good idea. Show a little initiative and make an effort to look your best. Take a shower; shave; put on a clean, nicely pressed outfit. You’ll be glad that you did.


Don’t Post an Inappropriate Photo

While you may think a nude photo is alluring, your Russian lady may not agree. Thong shots, crotch grabs, and suggestive poses are also likely to turn her away. Save the erotic photos for later in the relationship (assuming she wants to see them at all). Men with sex on the brain are a big turn off for Russian women.


Don’t Post an Inaccurate Photo

If you’re sincerely looking for love and romance on HotRussianBrides, it’s important that you post an accurate photo of yourself. Post a recent photo, not one taken 10, 15, or even 20 years ago.  Additionally, do not post photos of famous actors, musicians, or models (unless you are one, of course). After all, the idea is to meet a lovely Russian lady someday. How do you think she’ll react when she learns her online suitor is a complete fake?

Unfortunately, many gentlemen jeopardize their chances for success on HotRussianBrides by uploading unflattering, inappropriate, or inaccurate photos.  To make the best possible impression on our ladies, select photos that are flattering, tasteful, and truthful. You are sure to get better results.