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3 Russian Dating Deal Breakers

5. July 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Every single has what’s known as a deal breaker, something they won’t tolerate in a potential match. The women on HRB are no different and have a few pet peeves of their own. Here are 3 common Russian dating deal breakers and how to avoid them.

Being Demanding

Some men are bossy and demanding by nature, some because they’re confused about Russian dating. Despite what some might think, Russian dating sites are simply a niche form of online dating, not mail order bride services in which men can purchase women and order them about. If you want to find a match on HRB, try to keep your bossy side in check. Don’t demand a lady chat on your schedule or do things your way, insist she stop taking to other men as soon as you show interest, or otherwise be a nuisance. Remember, the women are evaluating you as a potential match as much as you’re evaluating them.

Treating Her Like a Scammer

While dishonest women certainly exist, treating a woman like a scammer is a terrible way to go. Don’t ask a lady if she’s a scammer or tell her all the terrible things you’ve heard about Russian dating and Russian women. Don’t approach a lady with a “guilty until proven innocent” attitude or ask her to “prove” her sincerity. After all, if you can’t give a woman the benefit of the doubt, how can you expect to meet a match? Be respectful of the women you meet on HRB and you’ll have a much better experience.

Sex Talk

Some men confuse Russian dating sites with adult chat rooms. However, HRB is not that kind of service. Therefore, men shouldn’t request that women remove their clothing in video chat or dance sexy for the camera. Sexually-explicit emails and instant messages are also a bad idea. Some women might be fine with sexy requests and conversations, but men shouldn’t all the ladies of HRB are game.

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