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3 Russian Dating Mistakes Men Make

13. September 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Are you having a hard time finding your match on HotRussianBrides.com? Perhaps you’re doing something wrong. Here are 3 common Russian dating mistakes and why you should avoid them.


Treating Russian Women Like Scammers

Whether they realize it or not, many men approach the women on HotRussianBrides.com with a "guilty until proven innocent" attitude. These men are so preoccupied with attempting to “test” a lady’s sincerity and uncovering potential scams that they completely lose sight of the main goal: finding a future wife! If a gentleman wishes to successfully court a Russian woman he cannot treat her like a scammer. Successful relationships are built on mutual respect, not distrust and uncertainty.


Treating Women Like Mail Order Brides

Some men believe that Russian women on international dating websites are essentially mail order brides who can be purchased for the right price. These men believe the ladies are obliged to chat with men and meet suitors on demand and that they should agree to marry any fellow who proposes (and spends enough money). However, traditional mail order brides no longer exist and men who expect to purchase a lady on our site will be very disappointed.


Treating Women Like Gold Diggers

A common myth about Russian women is that they lead poor, miserable lives in Russia and are dying to escape to a more prosperous country. Therefore, many Russian bride seekers believe the ladies on HotRussianBrides are primarily interested in a man’s money. This leads some men to focus on the wrong things when courting Russian women: annual income, net worth, real estate holdings, or other financial details. However, this is a big mistake. 

A Russian woman who is sincerely looking for love will not marry a man and leave her friends, family, country, culture, and language behind, solely because her new husband earns a decent living. He must attract her with his charm, personality, something more! Sure, money is nice. But it’s not everything!

Men who treat Russian women like scammers, mail order brides, or gold diggers, either consciously or unconsciously, will have a difficult time finding a partner on our site. If you are serious in your search for love, try to avoid making these common Russian dating mistakes.