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3 Subjects to Stay Away From When Chatting

3. November 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Whether it be nerves, excitement, or just the feeling of becoming tongue tied when chatting with beautiful Russian brides, some gentlemen tend to blurt out topics that aren't ideal for romantic conversations. These ladies like positive, fun, and even subtlely sexy discussions.


Here are three subjects to stay away from.


Past Loves

Talking about your exes is never a good idea during your initial conversations. Even if you’ve had wonderful women in your past and still remain good friends with them, ladies don’t like to hear about all that. Your focus should be on the beautiful Russian ladies of the present and your potential future together.


Your Paycheck

Bragging about your income, or lamenting about the lack thereof, are also topics to avoid. While ladies are looking for husbands who are financially secure, money isn't always on their minds. Some men are tempted to talk about how much they spend on Russian dating, but this can actually insult or embarrass the ladies.


Her Dating Details 

While you’re probably very curious if your favorite Russian girl is chatting with other guys, it’s not respectful to pester her about it. Jealous or possessive behavior is never a turn on. In the early stages of dating, she most likely is seeing a few other men, just like you are getting to know other women. Don’t talk about being exclusive until you’ve given the relationship some time.


Effective communication is key in growing strong multicultural relationships, especially when translation and interpretation come into play. Try not to take every comment super seriously and think before you type!