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3 Things About Russian Women’s Profiles That May Confuse You

28. July 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Though the majority of profiles on HotRussianBrides are simple and easy to understand, there are a few things gentlemen might find confusing. Here are 3 potentially puzzling details and explanations for them.



You may be unfamiliar with some of the professions listed on Russian women’s profiles. While we have plenty of teachers, lawyers, and engineers, we also have economists, philologists, and visagistes. So what are these mysterious professions? An economist is simply someone who studies the economy, while a philologist is someone who studies historic languages. A visagiste is a makeup artist. If you’re unsure of lady’s profession, Google it, or better yet, ask the lady to tell you about her line of work.

Another potentially confusing detail is the young age of women who describe themselves as doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc. How could a 22-year-old possibly be a lawyer or a 21-year-old woman work as a psychologist? More often than not, the ladies simply mean they are studying to work in that field.


Expressions and Wording

At times, the wording and expressions in a lady’s profile may be confusing and unclear. Phrases like “active rest” and “inner world” appear frequently and are usually the result of literal translations from Russian to English. If you don’t understand a Russian woman’s lingo, ask her about it! This is an excellent way to generate interesting conversations and assist a lady in learning English. By the way, “active rest” refers to leisure and recreational activities while “inner world” is a person’s personality or character.


Professional Photos

While members of HotRussianBrides enjoy gazing at the ladies’ gorgeous pictures, many wonder about the professional quality. Some men insist that professional photos are sure signs of Russian scammers as normal women can’t afford photographers. 

The truth is this: many of our Russian agencies have their own onsite studios or can refer ladies to photographers who will offer the women a deep discount. In addition, professional photo sessions in Russia are not as expensive as they are in Western countries, so many women don’t think twice about hiring a professional photographer. Why wouldn’t they take advantage of this low-cost, convenient service?

The best way to understand a Russian’s woman profile is to ask her about any confusing details. Misunderstandings are common in multicultural relationships, but learning about new countries, cultures, and ideas is also part of the fun!