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3 Things That Don't Attract Ukrainian Brides

17. August 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Men who are successful dating Russian women online realize that there are certain behaviors that won't win their hearts. Whether interacting in person or online, guys need to remember proper etiquette to impress the ladies and further their relationships.


Here are 3 things men commonly do on dates, maybe without even knowing it, that are top turn offs for Ukrainian women.


Talking Dirty

The initial phase of getting to know a lady is not the time to try out some sexual jokes or crude comments. Any type of vulgar or offensive language, whether directed at your Russian lady or not, is sure to embarrass her.


Being Disrespectful

Men who are skeptical about Russian dating think it's fine to question a lady about her intentions, but as soon as they utter the word "scammer", the conversation is doomed. Women will be offended if they are interrogated in this way. Also, talking about sex in your first few meetings is usually a big mistake.


Noting the Negative

If you point out the less than positive aspects about every situation, you'll be seen as a depressing downer! A true gentleman can make the best of anything, so try to be optimistic and happy to show your lady a good time.


Knowing what turns Russian women off is just as important as learning what turns them on, so brush up on all the advice from HotRussianBrides.com and enjoy your journey!