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3 Things to Consider Before Joining HRB

24. July 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

Thinking of joining Hot Russian Brides? Great! Here are three questions to consider before joining the site. We hope they’ll help you develop a good idea about what to expect on HRB and have the best possible experience. 


What do I have to offer?

Before joining HRB, think about the qualities you have to offer a woman and then highlight these qualities in your profile and correspondence. A sense of humor, charm, kindness, wit, and intelligence are all things Russian women find attractive. Take care to SHOW not TELL the ladies of HRB why you’re a great catch. For example, demonstrate your sense of humor by saying something funny or witty instead of just telling the women how funny you are. Some men believe the women on Russian dating sites will date or marry just about anyone, but this isn’t true. The men on Russian dating sites must still be charming and polite to attract a match. 


What type of woman do I hope to find?

Myths abound in the Russian dating industry, causing some men to develop unrealistic expectations about the type of women they’ll find. One of the most common myths about Russian dating is that EVERY man can land a young, supermodel-quality wife regardless of his age, looks, and personality. Another myth suggests that Russian women make submissive partners. Neither assumption is true, and men who come to HRB looking for such women will likely be very disappointed. To have the best chance of success on HRB, think carefully (and honestly) about the type of women you hope to find and if your expectations are realistic. 


What do I expect from the site?

Some men have skewed ideas about the function of Russian dating sites, believing services like HRB guarantee men a match or that the women are somehow for sale. However, the truth is that that Hot Russian Brides is simply a niche form of online dating and we cannot offer any guarantees. The ladies on our site are in no way for sale, and men who expect to buy a bride are in for a shock. 


Ready to sign up now that you know what to expect? Head on over to Hot Russian Brides to get started!


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