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3 Tips for Chatting With Russian Women

20. December 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

So, after searching for a special Russian lady you’ve found a few that you’d like to chat up. Here are 3 simple tips on how to strike up a conversation with a Russian woman and keep her interested. 


Ask Open-Ended Questions

Open-ended questions, those that require something more than a yes or no answer, are a great way to get a conversation rolling. Ask about her hobbies, her interests, her country and culture, her day-to-day life. If the lady has an introduction video, watch it and ask a few questions. While messages like “I’m Bob and I think you’re really beautiful” are fine, you will get better results with something like “Hi, I’m Bob. I saw in your profile video that you love animals. Do you have any pets?” Simple, yet effective. Here are a few conversation topic ideas for men who are stumped.


Give the Process a Chance

Many gentlemen are skeptical of Russian dating, but those who are successful with the ladies do not let their skepticism and negativity show. If you’re worried about scammers or being taken advantage of, keep your concerns to yourself and give our service and the ladies a fair chance.  Announcing to women that you know all about Russian scammers and implying (or directly stating) that she will have to prove she is one of the honest few isn’t likely to win any hearts. It will most likely do the opposite.


Don’t Propose Marriage Right Away

Some enthusiastic gentlemen propose marriage in the first few emails or chat sessions, a move which can frighten a lady and come across as needy and desperate. Sure, the ladies are looking for their future spouse and are open to meeting special gentlemen but that doesn’t mean they will marry a stranger. Though Russian dating differs in many ways from traditional dating, men must still court Russian women and build solid relationships with them. To avoid scaring a special lady away, don’t propose marriage until, at the very least, the two of you have met in person.


Not every conversation on HotRussianBrides will go smoothly and you’re bound to strike out with a few ladies on the site. However, the 3 simple tips listed above can help you improve your chances of reaching the ultimate goal: finding your Russian bride.