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3 Tips for HotRussianBrides Success

13. July 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Unsure how to go about searching for love on HotRussianBrides.com? Here are 3 tips to help members have an enjoyable, yet productive, Russian dating experience.


Take Advantage of HRB’s Exciting Features

HotRussianBrides offers variety of fun, unique features, however many members rely solely on email to communicate with potential matches. While there is nothing wrong with sticking to what you know or what you prefer, don’t completely write off helpful HRB features like live video chat, introduction videos, e-cards, and more. We designed and implemented each of these tools to make the Russian dating experience exciting and fun, not to mention convenient, so be sure to check them out at least once.


Make Your Search a Priority

Hectic work schedules and active social lives often leave gentlemen with little time for Russian dating. However, while it’s important to socialize with family and friends and keep up with daily tasks, gentlemen who are seriously seeking a Russian wife should make their search for a bride a top priority, not just an afterthought. To make the most of your time on HRB, set aside time to search for potential matches and make a sincere effort to court and chat with the ladies you find. While it may be tempting to rush the process, this technique rarely works.


Choose the Membership Level That Works Best for You

Many members balk at upgrading to a premium membership (Gold, Silver, and Platinum), but it’s often a less expensive option than maintaining a Bronze membership and purchasing credits as needed. How? Premium members receive free introduction emails and free follow up emails each month, live chat and gift shop discounts, access to advanced member features, and more. If you plan on using HotRussianBrides for more than a few days, it only makes sense to become a Gold, Silver, or Platinum member. Click here to learn more.

Though every gentleman is free to conduct his Russian bride search as he sees fit (within reason, of course) we believe that suitors who take advantage of HRB’s diverse features, select an appropriate membership level, and make an honest effort to find a bride have a better chance of success than those who don’t. Good luck!