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3 Tips for Meeting a Russian Brides' Kids

13. June 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Russian lady Sparklily has 2 beautiful little girls!

Whether it’s your first Russian bride visit, or your fifth, the time will come when she’s ready to introduce you to her family. Some guys get nervous when meeting her parents, but others are more concerned about charming her children.


Here’s some advice to handle this situation super smoothly.


Pick a Public Place

Rather than meet at your lady’s home, where kids could feel intimidated or uncomfortable with a stranger in the house, pick somewhere like a popular park or a pizza place. At a park, they have the option of playing around and won’t feel forced to constantly interact. As for pizza, most all kids love it so you’ll already get on their good side.


Lovely Russian lady CurlyAnn with her son

Give a Gift

When meeting anyone in Russia or Ukraine for the first time, it’s customary to give a gift. Depending on the kids’ ages, gifts can range from stuffed animals and coloring books to t-shirts and hats from your hometown. You could even ask your Russian girlfriend for some hints as to what they would like.


Patience Pays Off

While some children may warm up to you right away, most others will take longer to show their love. They may be frightened that you’re a foreigner, or just be having a hard time dealing with their mother dating anyone. It’s important to maintain a relaxed, laid back attitude and don’t try too hard to make them like you. Usually your patience will pay off.


Since family comes foremost with most Ukrainian women, gentlemen feel flattered when offered the opportunity to meet their offspring.


However, for those who prefer to date Russian ladies who don’t have children, the Advanced Search includes that option!