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3 Tips for a Great Intro Letter

24. January 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

On Hot Russian Brides, the first message you send a woman is called an introduction letter. Introduction letters, or intro emails, are your first chance to make a good impression and begin a meaningful conversation with a potential match. With that in mind, here are 3 tips for great intro letters.

No Negativity

A surprising number of men write negative introduction letters. This is a big mistake as most singles are turned off by bitterness and negativity. Though dating can be frustrating, try to stay positive, at least in the first few emails. This means steering clear of scam talk, rants about your ex, or complaints about dating in general.

Short and Sweet is Best

When it comes to the first message, short and sweet is definitely best. While a woman may be interested in your childhood, career, past relationships, children, and pets, she doesn’t need to know everything all at once. Not only does immediately sharing every detail of your life leave you with nothing to talk about later, but a huge block of text is intimidating, especially to non-English speakers. Many ladies will skip over lengthy introduction letters in favor of shorter correspondence.

Keep it Clean

Don’t write sexual things in the first email. Though some women may be open to sexy messages, not every lady is, and the first email is too soon to get freaky. Not only do HRB’s Terms of Use prohibit “language of a pornographic or sexually explicit nature,” but vulgarity is also a huge turn off for Russian women. Get to know a lady before writing sexy messages.

Great introduction letters are those that are short, respectful, and upbeat. Head over to Hot Russian Brides to email Ukrainian women today!