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3 Tips to Help Shy Guys Find a Bride

10. November 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Feeling shy on HotRussianBrides? Here are a few tips to help gentlemen overcome shyness and find the Russian woman of their dreams.


Banish Self-Doubts

Everyone has self-doubts. What man hasn’t, at one time or another, wondered why an amazing woman would be interested in him or if he has what it takes to attract a lady from Russia. However, while outgoing men can banish negative thoughts, shy gentlemen tend to dwell on insecurities and let these negative feelings affect their romantic lives.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed by negative thoughts, don’t dwell! Rather than mentally cataloguing your flaws, try thinking about the reasons a woman WOULD be interested in you. Every man has something to offer and obsessing over one’s flaws is unhealthy and unproductive. Focusing on your good traits, rather than your bad, can help you feel more confident (a turn on for Russian women) and be a more outgoing individual.


Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Shy people are often afraid to step outside their social comfort zones and this hesitation also extends to online dating. Much like shy gentlemen avoid approaching women in a bar, many men avoid approaching women on HotRussianBrides. The men instead chat with women who make the first move, even if these ladies aren’t the best match. Men who wish to overcome their shyness must be willing to take risks.


If you see a lady who seems like a great match, don’t be afraid to take the first step. Email her, send a chat request, let her know you’re interested. Sure, you may be rejected, but at least you gave it a try. The more times you step outside your comfort zone, the less shy you will feel.


Let Go of the Label

The way a man sees himself can greatly affect the way he lives his life. If a gentleman is convinced he is quiet and shy than he than he is more likely to act that way in social settings, even though very few people ALWAYS feel quiet and shy (this is especially true of men who think shyness is their defining characteristic). At times, shyness becomes convenient excuse. Rather than take a risk, so-called shy gentlemen will tell themselves: “I couldn’t possibly approach that lady. I’m too shy!”


If you want to be less shy, quit thinking of yourself as a bashful person. Sure, you may have shy tendencies but you’re much more than The Shy Guy. Keep all of your qualities in mind, don’t define yourself by one or two.


How can gentlemen on HotRussianBrides overcome their shyness? By making a conscious effort to banish self doubts, step outside their comfort zones, and let go of the “shy” label. Confident men attract Russian women so it pays to shove shyness aside.