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3 Topics Men Think Impress Russian Brides (But Actually Don’t)

10. June 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

The gentlemen on HotRussianBrides.com naturally want to do everything they can to impress the lovely ladies on our site. Unfortunately, this desire can cause men to start conversations about things that are neither exciting nor interesting. Here are 3 topics men think impress Russian and Ukrainian women, but actually don’t.


Your Wealth

If you have a lot of money and are able to buy nice things, that’s great. However, constantly bringing your wealth to a lady’s attention, whether through subtle hints or direct statements, may make her wonder if you have anything else to offer. It’s also an unfortunate fact that many men lie about or exaggerate the size of their income because they think that’s what Russian women want to hear. The ladies know this and are skeptical when they hear men boasting about their financial prowess.  If you’re truly wealthy be modest about it. Resist the urge to tell her the cost of your new home, car, or fancy pool. You may think you sound impressive, but she may think you’re a liar, braggart, or both.


Your Job

Many men on HotRussianBrides attempt to impress Russian women by emphasizing the importance of their jobs. It’s also a topic that inspires embellishment. Sure, it’s tempting to tell a lady you’re a surgeon at a prestigious hospital when you’re actually a surgical tech or that you’re the owner of a thriving business when you actually sell a handful of items online. However, the ladies have heard it all and will almost certainly see through your empty claims. Honesty is, one again, the best policy. If you truly are a renowned physician or powerful CEO, that’s terrific. Just don’t brag about it. Remember that arrogance is one of the top turnoffs for Russian women


Your Glory Days

The ladies on HotRussianBrides want to know more about your life now, not the life you led 5, 10, 20 years ago. It's fine to tell her about your time in Vietnam, your backpacking trip through Europe, or the concerts you performed with your college band, just make sure that’s not all you talk about. This rule also applies to photos. Though you may have been a stud back in the day, she’s more interested in seeing a current picture. While it’s natural to want to share the most exciting parts of your life, focusing on the past may make her wonder if you have anything to offer in the present. 

In summary, while discussing your income, profession, or exciting past is not automatically a bad idea, these topics aren’t as impressive as you might think, especially if you lie, embellish the truth, or bring them up over and over again. Modesty and moderation is best.