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3 Topics That Men Mistakenly Talk About

30. April 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Watch what you say when chatting with Russian women

Once you’ve scoured the HotRussianBrides.com database of gorgeous Russian and Ukrainian girls and have selected a pool to start communicating with, you have to be mindful of what you say. Here are 3 topics that men mistakenly blab about early in their relationships that scare women away.


Ladies of Long Ago

Talking about your exes is never a good idea during your initial conversations. Even if you’ve known wonderful women in your past and still remain good friends with them, ladies don’t like to hear about all that. Your focus should be on the beautiful Russian ladies of the present and your potential future together.


International Dating Investments

Dating hot Russian brides online isn’t cheap. There are many factors that result in gentlemen having to invest in this unique type of dating experience. The last thing you want to bring up to the ladies is how much you spend to talk with them. This can seem insulting and just plain tacky. Russian ladies are looking for husbands that know how to take care of women, and sometimes that means paying the necessary bills and never even thinking to complain about it.


Other Guys She’s Dating

Jealous or possessive behavior is never a turn on. While you’re probably very curious if your favorite Russian girl is chatting with other guys, it’s not respectful to pester her about it. In the early stages of dating, she most likely is seeing a few other men, just like you are getting to know other women. Don’t talk about being exclusive until you’ve given the relationship some time.


An important tip to remember is to think before you type. These wonderful Russian women may post seductive photos and write flowery emails but they have feelings too and are serious in their search for their soul mates. Effective communication will help pave your road to Russian bride happiness.